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  JulzKay  |  0

What the hell kind of response is that? Ugh, stop posting irrelevant crap in response just to be at the top! Loser, YOU should be the one writing an FML. "Today, I posted a reply which wasn't a reply to feel special on the internet. FML." And I was talking to #18, too. =P

  Logica42  |  0

That's a good point, spinny boy (lol nicknames). Or it could be the other way around, one being easier to remember and the other being difficult (like, say, Cthulhu or something)...

  tgd4444  |  9

no... i think its jsut that people are more likey to remember DIFFERENT things like this.. such as walking dogs together. anyway how many different dogs do you meet a day???

YDI for thinking its an FML