By Anonymous - 24/06/2009 10:10 - Netherlands

Today, I ran into my crush of three years ago. We used to always walk our dogs together. He still remembered my dog's name. He didn't remember mine. FML
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I hate when people make comments like this. (#18)

What the hell kind of response is that? Ugh, stop posting irrelevant crap in response just to be at the top! Loser, YOU should be the one writing an FML. "Today, I posted a reply which wasn't a reply to feel special on the internet. FML." And I was talking to #18, too. =P

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wow, you do not deserve to be on this website for making stupid comments. OP that sucks, but at least it was and old crush and not a new one. (:

spinarium 2

maybe you have a very common name (e.g. anne) and your dog has a very unusual name (e.g. Hitler)

That's a good point, spinny boy (lol nicknames). Or it could be the other way around, one being easier to remember and the other being difficult (like, say, Cthulhu or something)...

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How does she deserve it???? Thats stupid. Her dogs needs the excersize!?!

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NOOO ppl walk their dogs so they can take a crap

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Maybe he took 'men's best friend' a bit too far? :P

I see that #18 is using the reply system to get his/her comment higher up on the page.

And how was your comment relevant to this FML? And haha that sucks

what does it matter anyway, jeez, no need for a damn hissy fit #21!

that sucks real bad. just try to get to kno him again.

Bet she forgot the bitches name! hahahahaha..... I suck.

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Eh, people are stupid like that sometimes.

maybe your dog is more interesting? j/k that is a bummer..

no... i think its jsut that people are more likey to remember DIFFERENT things like this.. such as walking dogs together. anyway how many different dogs do you meet a day??? YDI for thinking its an FML

Ah. Well. You know not to waste any more time thinking about him, anyway.

Your dog probably has a much more interesting name than most people.