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Today, my parents dragged me along to a family soccer game. I got so bored watching a bunch of grown men practically buttfucking each other between kicking balls around the field, that I fell asleep. I woke up a few hours later to an empty field and had to walk five miles back home. FML
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By  thisiscat  |  14

That's what you get for waking up.... On a soccer field?

  ariannaimelda  |  7

I think you need to appreciate time with your family OP. There are worse things than spending time with family like, oh I don't know, losing your job or going hungry?

Be a little more grateful.

  DeviousAngel  |  13

OP, don't be whiney. If family activities are rare, you should shut up and try to enjoy them. You never know when you won't be able to see your family.

Soccer is boring to watch, however. Nonetheless, suck it up. Enjoy watching the buttf*cking with your family.

  juicystar777  |  4

omg! your family is horrible. pack your tote bag with clothes and put on your juicy couture sweatpants because you're gonna be running. you could have gotten raped or kidnapped on the field. what is wrong with them? :| why don't they love you?

  sycosyd_97  |  1

#19 that's rude. You shouldn't throw that in other people's face like that. I agree there is worse things but that is really messed up that they would just leave her.

  H3llsOv3rs33r  |  2

135 and 145 you believe 100 lb men prancing around a field is the manliest sport. Football takes actual strength and just so you know Hockey is basically men on skates bashing teeth out of others

  fancyclown  |  9

Oh, are we all bashing sports now? Last year there was a Brazillian soccer player who fell face-first into a goalpost, and continued playing with a broken and bloody nose. If that isn't manly, I don't know what is.

  Swiftly  |  0

The person who broke his nose is a man for sticking it in there and finishing the game, but a no contact sport where grown men chase around a ball around the field is not really manly. But your idea of manly may be different than mine, so yeah...

  bbozic2  |  6

Typical American thinking football is the manliest sport. Rugby is way worse. And you wouldn't have near enough strength to play soccer so shut up.

  niznor99  |  6

Yo I'm American, and I straight up HATE football. It's lame as shit, and it's constant *stop**start**stop**start* in football. That's something you don't get with soccer. if you mess up, you get a yellow card or you get thrown. None of that sissy "penalty" bullshit. If you think soccer doesn't take muscles, then YOU try kicking a soccer ball as far as them AND have it be accurate as well. Maybe you should try juggling the ball while you're at it? Stupid redneck.

P.s. $10 says your response isn't going to have any weight whatsoever.

  LianLover  |  0

Please, football is the easiest sport to play EVER!!! You take breaks every other minute and all you have to do is chase each other around the field trying to get a ball.

  grovervac3000  |  15

continuing my reply to #177- My coach had us do drills where two of us would run down the field, one with the ball, and we would have to PUSH with our bodies to get the ball. Also, people get injured/called from PUSHING, TRIPPING and more ALL THE TIME. Next time, do some research.

  HeartOfLead  |  24

Agreed. By social standards, it takes a real man to willingly "buttfuck" another... Unless I've been lied to, I remain a proud member of that category!?!

By  stevenJB  |  25

Awh it's both a ydi and FML for you. But in today's world walking a few miles can save your life.

  X_Codes  |  11

@51 - If you're so worried about being kidnapped and killed, then don't leave the house. Also, turn off your internet, because people can stalk you over social networking sites. Phone, too, since you can't have any hangups or random heavy breathers calling you. Also, close your blinds so nobody can see you, but keep the lights on so people don't think the house is empty. Do this 24/7. OH! Almost forgot. The government fluoridates the water to mind control you, so absolutely never, EVER drink water! They'll mind control you into going to the nearest CIA safehouse where you'll be kidnapped and killed.