By Snickers - 12/05/2012 04:27 - United States - Los Angeles

Today, while sitting at a red light, I guiltily nibbled on a chocolate bar and looked around to make sure no one saw me cheating on my diet.  A police car pulled up, I panicked, stepped on the gas, and ran the light. FML
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klovemachine 24

It's just a candy bar. That's not worth getting a ticket for! YDI


klovemachine 24

It's just a candy bar. That's not worth getting a ticket for! YDI

Maybe it was a Klondike bar...then it would be worth it xD

Why would a police officer care about your diet?

jerseyboy732 16

if only it was a chocolate donut. OP could have shared

FMLshark 12

Nobody else knows you're on a diet. Other people just assume you're eating a chocolate bar. Hide it like that and the cop will think you're gnawing away at a chocolate bar threaded with marijuana.

MeeshaMeeshaPup 8

I still don't understand why OP panicked. It's not like the whole world knew they where cheating on their diet...

Inheritance 10

I'm curious to why OP thinks every one "know" she's on a diet

1- I read your comment with a very frustrated sponge bob's voice.

#53 Yeah, nobody else could've known they where on a date. Unless OP has a stalker.

More like its a candy bar, not worth taking someone's life!

Marcella1016 31

90- I read your comment in a baby panda riding a plastic horse voice :3 No, I don't know what that sounds like :[

No, it's not just candy. Chocolate kills, OP could have ran over a pedestrian, do not underestimate chocolate my friend.

Maybe the person posting is Gabriel Iglesias! ETA: Or not, since she self-identifies as female.

OP's expression upon seeing the police car was probably the same as 1's.

Did anyone else picture Bridget Jones doing this FML, or is it just me?

why would you picture rosie odonell doing anthing

xoconnie 8

LOL but eating the chocolate bar was worth the ticket right? :D

44- Most people who feel the need to point out how gay everybody else is, is normally just confused about their own sexuality.

60 - not really. Although it is wrong for him to just blatant say "that's gay", it doesn't mean he's gay himself. That's like saying someone is automatically of lower intelligence for calling someone a retard.

74- So, at what point did I say that 44 was gay?

80-He was referring to: " normally confused about their own sexuality."

Almighty_Chris97 6

44 - so you hate racists and people who discriminate in general, well maybe you should practice what you preach.

fallen_halo 4

Someone IS of lower intelligence if they call someone a retard, do you even know what a retard is?

83- Yeah Ok, but I never really said that 44 was gay, I just mentioned it so that they would stop writing such disrespectful and stupid comments. I would never use the word gay in a negative way, cause I don't see anything negative about it.

83 - I'm just trying to say that calling someone gay doesn't make them confused about their sexuality. I can call someone gay and I'm pretty sure I remain straight. Saying that it does only makes you look stupid. Like I said, it was wrong of him to say that, but your wrong.

And i never said that calling somebody gay makes you confused about your sexuality. My exact words were: "Most people who feel the need to point out how gay everybody else is, is normally just confused about their own sexuality." Most people does not mean everybody. And i can not find the sentence "Calling somebody gay makes you confused about your sexuality." in my comment. Sorry, YOU'RE wrong ;)

Woah I guess people thought my comment was rude since it got 30 dislikes. That was not my attention, I just wanted her to hang in there and reach her weight goal. Sorry if I offended anyone!

154- You didn't! People are just strange... I'm with you, my fellow scandinavian :)

tctheamazing 7

Why do you pity someone who has no self control, and who (possibly) endangered others lives while running that red light?

miss_booboo_8 0

To 170:Wow that was Bitchy(I get the danger for other lives part) but the whole self control thing,wow, I get where they both are coming from...the commenter was being sincere and u say dont pity him bc he has a problem wow that's pretty shitty js gtfo

Well, from a logical standpoint, OP is the type of person who commits to engaging in risk behavior without meaning to. So, OP is kind of an idiot for what he/she did, but it's understandable. Police make us all nervous... I don't break the law to escape the law, though. STAY ON YOUR DIET AND THESE THINGS WOULDN'T HAPPEN.

OkAndroid87 4

Self control? It's a choc bar, not a crack pipe,.

OP isn't addicted to crack, they are trying to go on a diet.

175- calm yourself. Their comment wasn't THAT bad. Yours was actually a little more bitchy to be honest...

All this stress probably burned some extra calories though!

If stress burned calories, I would be a super model.

I read that in fluttershy's voice. And she WAS a super model! :)

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I AM a supermodel! Silly Ebony! ;)

Wow. That's a major fail. Let's hope you don't/haven't passed your genes on

The amount of stupidity in this FML is quite extraordinary.

Try the app myfitnesspal it's worked great for me in dropping the lbs.

Why does this sound like one of those dieting infomercials with the obviously angry before picture and the wonderfully happy after picture (that is also wearing makeup and has been digitally touched up greatly)...

whoisthisgirl 4

Ive used MFP for a month and a half and lost almost ten pounds :) I'd recommend it too!

73 - I'm assuming then that 8's picture is the before pic?

BradTheBrony 19

Also try brand name dropping and avoiding punctuation it makes you look like a tool. Brought to you by Nikes just do it.

Thank you for reminding me to update mine!

anthonydude 9

I'm pretty sure no one would have known that you were cheating on your diet.

bryan21122112 4

This is exactly what I was thinking as I read the FML. Anyone say paranoid?

But didn't you know? If no one sees you eat it, the calories don't count!