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Today, I had a cop pull me over because he claimed that he saw me taking a bunch of colorful pills at the previous stop sign. I was eating skittles. FML
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That happened at a school. This kid rented one of the school computers and then the next day they call her to the office and tell her that they watched her taking pills when really they were mike n ikes. And the parents sued them because it's an invasion of privacy.


Are you serious .. I'm was writing my comment thinking yes first comment finally and I said taste the rainbow and it's like comment added. And I see yours -.- except it didn't add for some reason..

-1 Ride the rainbow and kill the leprechaun with new *improved* skittles.

That sounds like a new slogan for Gay Pride, or some shit

HowAreYouToday 34

Sounds like YOU'RE a slogan for gay pride. Pwnage!

Sunny_Eclipse 6

I wonder what's over the Skittles rainbow...

or were you popping colored pills cunningly hidden in a skittles bag?!

Nevitt 9

little did you know the skittles company had been hijacked and some skittles have heroine in them

n_epic_fail 14

those skittles commercials were always weird as hell ^____^ but I'd get high off skittles anyday!

I do this at work as a pharmacy technician. I grab a pill bottle, load it with skittles and then eat them in front of customers. Makes me feel like I'm House. I'll probably get fired for this one day. :P

4, scroll past the first comment to the second one. Then, read the comment slowly. Finally, take a crack at who may have written it.

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94- I feel like this would work even better with something like smarties, but either way that's ******* brilliant.

I worked in a game store when Conker's Bad Fur Day came out. The promo item for it was a prescription pill bottle filled with jelly beans. The label looked real, but had the game logo in place of the pharmacy's logo. I filled it with orange Tic Tacs and offered them to people.

Breathe on the cop. He would smell the skittles and know they weren't pills, no?

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"Today, I'm a cop. I pulled someone over for what I thought to be a drug bust. It turns out they were just eating skittles. FML."

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At the end of the rainbow, you shall find a sack of drugs

I would have calmly held up the bag and said skittle in an inquisitive tone.

It's double rainbow all across the sky O_O

Jail. Many police officers that are very ticket happy.

Taste the rainbow. Did you get charged?

Hopefully not, it was an honest mistake.

This is not an FML. I mean, 'oh no, a cop wasted two minutes of my life pulling me over because I ate skittles'! Shut up.

I don't understand why people thumbed down his comment just because he was a few seconds too late.

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That happened at a school. This kid rented one of the school computers and then the next day they call her to the office and tell her that they watched her taking pills when really they were mike n ikes. And the parents sued them because it's an invasion of privacy.

I'd have sued the ******* hell out of 'em too!!! That's ridiculous that any school did that kinda shit… Much less that the school thought they could get away with it!

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143 they were watching her through the webcam while she was not near them

who won? they had a reason to invade her privacy

that's so messed up! what if they were changing or something?!

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oh yeah I've heard about schools lending out laptops and using the webcams to secretly watch kids. pretty sure there was a huge thing on the news about it.

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No they didn't, she took it HOME. School and home are two VERY different things.

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Yea and especially that he had the cop pull him over

Well what else is there to be funny other than that? Are you aroused by people eating skittles?

juliaaalove 8

Yes because everyone chews all pills. That cop needs some common sense ha.

starryxeyes 2

Well, in the cops defense, he more than likely didn't know that OP ended up chewing them; he most likely just saw OP popping them into his mouth and just assumed. Though, I do agree that the cop needs some common sense if he just saw brightly colored objects being placed into someones mouth and automatically jumped to the conclusion that they were drugs.

8- chewing them gets you high faster.

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I know they use things like sweet tarts for acid, but that ass hat was clearly looking for someone to pick on. The cops where I live in Oklahoma are bad about that. As far as I know most have a "quota" to meet in a month or something? So they pull you over for little things to make it. :/

People are hiring a lot of retards these days so not surpising. But I do agree with you

nothing gets you high like skittles that's for sure

No joke. They make people tast rainbows.

Not again. Damn touch screen keyboard. Taste*

-14 I remember the first time I tast the rainbow. I owed a fuckton of money to that unicorn though...

I took so many I saw a double rainbow. I was freaking out like crazy.

News flash: if you're using iOs, you can now edit comments. Stop posting multiple times, especially if the mistake is ONE letter, and doesn't cause much confusion.

I know you can. I've done it. I didn't look over it because I went to comment on another FML.

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35- So you're the one who's been messin' with mah unicorn!

MiaLoves 8

71- that bitch has been three timing us!

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Why would someone take colorful pills? That's a straight give away. They are supposed to look generic so cops can't see the difference

He's in denial. How would you feel if someone told you that you can't do your job because drug dealers and users aren't as retarded as you?

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misjudge the rainbow!! taste the rainbow!!

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I love your profile pic!!! Haha but where did the fish get the balloon??? )O (O .

androiddestroya 7

141 i swam to the depths of the ocean to bring it to him... he called me on my shellphone asking me to help him.... I couldn't deny him the help... plus free sushi :D

dAiSyLuRv1029 0

Oh!! Shellphone does wonders!!!! XD jk but I see it all make sense now:)

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13 I love you :) your comment totally made my day.

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