By Ellen - 21/11/2009 00:56 - United States

Today, I learned that you should always make sure the car is in 'park' before you get it on wildly in it. FML
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tropicthunder 3

So you guys had a real sex drive

Sk8trlover19 3

That's common sense, hope you learned from that cuz that's dangerous


Haha...are there no sex while driving laws there? Seriously...what's with all the 'neutral' FMLs today? I've not once put my car in neutral. Neutral is for when you need to push your car somewhere.

cjinx13 3

#1 have you ever heard of a manual transmission?

I bet they were rocking and rolling! Get it!

if you drive a manual it's really easy to leave it in neutral. I hardly ever use my parking brake, I just leave it in gear when it's parked (and not running)

Thats just lame! Have a kiss but not sumthing wild with ur car not on "park!!!!!"

OP never said it was in neutral, just that it was not in park. it couldve been in reverse or drive...

sabrinaFML 0

Hahahah @dynamicdave i just read ur profile, it made my day!!! Im just like you :)

I doubt they were actively holding down the footbrake while getting it off.

tropicthunder 3

So you guys had a real sex drive

Skull_300 0

What the ****? Did you blow the stick shift too?