By PulledOver - 01/06/2009 05:10 - United States

Today, I pulled up to the stoplight near my house. It was dark with no traffic and the car behind me kept edging closer and closer to me. I finally got fed up with waiting and the car and ran it. In fact, it was a cop and he was trying to read my license plate because the back light was out. FML
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Why didnt the cop have his lights on..?

you need to think things through. "oh my God hes gonna kill me by slowly edging closer to me!"


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*must have. 'Must of' isn't grammatically correct.

you need to think things through. "oh my God hes gonna kill me by slowly edging closer to me!"

Why didnt the cop have his lights on..?

No, her taillights were out, not the cop's

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The cops lights would have lit up the plates moron.

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Good point, seems a little weird to me

What? He's not going to run his emergency lights while reading a license plate. He has to run the plate first and see what comes back, then he hits his lights when he goes to pull you over

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haha i got pulled over tonight too dont feel so bad

Did the cop give you a ticket for being such a dumbass?

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dude.............. thats just fail......epic fail.....all over the place

Next time, throw the car in reverse and slam into them.

#4 - Cops don't need to turn on their lights for every little thing; many cops even follow cars even with their lights off. The fact that the cop was trying to read the license plate doesn't even remotely call for their lights to be on. YDI for being a moron

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I think # four was referring to headlights. If they were on the cop wouldn't have to do that because the license plate would have been lit up.

No police cars are very small the license plate was probably to high

when driving at night yes officers do have to have their lights on first off. now secondly on the same note if the driver of the offending vehicle felt unsafe with the other vehicle behind them. there was no law broken they were looking out for the safety of them and the vehicle behind them. know your laws before you come to the table.

Night time...headlights...see where I’m going with this? Moron

Except for the broken law of running the red light.

I agree with #9, but seriously OP, cool it.