By Hunter101 - 12/05/2012 04:24 - United States - Humble

Today, I took a picture in front of my bathroom mirror and posted it on Facebook. When I checked it later, it had 20 comments on the picture. I was feeling good until I read the comments and looked at the picture again. I'd left my vibrator on the the bathroom counter. FML
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I guess you were feeling good vibes for another reason.


MetalxSoldier 26

She better make sure her boyfriend doesn't see the picture! He'll be furious and tell her to go marry it!

God I HATE mirror shots! Especially when the camera covers most of your face and the flash makes it hard to see anything at all

I was guilty of mirror pictures, but I've changed my ways. I hate tablet mirror pictures -_-

55- your comment makes the pics sound like cocaine. the pics are annoying though.

xoconnie 8

dude, omg thats so embaressing!!! lmao quickly delete the picture! u have to be more careful where u leave that crap out hopefully ur parents didnt comment or see it... Moms name: honey is that what all ur friends are saying it is? :I

yanksby7 6

She can delete the pic, but it's already out there...and here it is!!!

laurbear12 3

1 word hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...

shawnaishere 14

I read "oh dear" as if Mrs. Doubtfire said it.

FMLshark 12

Be sure to angle to picture to accent your cleavage while you're at it, you classy lady, you.

toenibbler 14

Also do not forget to do the duck-face, because class does simply not come without it.

ss_20_xx 14

Lets not forget the red lipstick.

To add a little more class, lets not forget to shoot birds towards the camera- cake your face in makeup while you're at it

Duck face, ass on the sink, and peace sign. That's all you forgot. :p

Isn't red lipstick actually classy??

That's what happens when you take mirror pictures..

Never understood taking a picture of yourself in a bathroom...I don't think there's anything in there that people want to see either

FMLshark 12

Except for that sexy toilet. MMM, that shiny, white porcelain.

yanksby7 6

No, this is. A friend sees it, posts it on reddit and imgur, and it goes viral: Op...I believe this is your picture?

All I can say to this is buzzinga

Another reason not to take selfies.

theevilduchess 12

Always double check pics before you post!

Reminds me of the pic where the chick forgot to flush the toilet in the background. Nasty...

I read the first sentence of this FML and automatically disliked it

anthonydude 9

As the guy from batman begins says, " you must be aware of your surroundings!"

I guess you were feeling good vibes for another reason.

No, I believe the pun was intentional.

Marky Mark anyone? "It's such a good vibration. It's such a sweet sensation...."

Better than a log in the toilet. How fast did you delete the pic.

jerseyboy732 16

OP never said she deleted it lol

alliewillie 22

Not before 20 comments apparently.

hallkchallkc 4

Why do people end questions with a period(.)

Why do people end questions with a "(.)" ?

56) because you don't want to ask questions while she's on her period.

Yeah, take your mirror photos in your room... Or self-timer mode if you must!

I had a clever comment, but your picture scared it out of me.

YDI, especially for doing the bathroom pic. Were you duck facing as well?

Most likely, I get amazed when I don't see a duck face. Stop pretending to be ducks, girls! They feel insulted...

I agree that bathroom mirror pics are outdated. Not to mention it makes the person in question look idiotic.

grace12898 0

Luckily the frontal view camera on apple products is eliminating the need for seeing how you look!

mckibabe 7

If so, BANG! Bye bye ducky!

Generally the lighting is better in a bathroom than in a bedroom or living room. I'm guilty of taking bathroom mirror pictures but I angle the camera so that my arm is extended so my face isn't covered by the camera. :P It takes a few pics to get the pic right since I can't really see the camera screen but it works as long as the mirror is relatively clean and nothing embarrassing is on the counter. haha