By LucidNightmare - 27/01/2013 05:38 - United States - Englewood

Today, I got a text from an unknown number saying, "You shouldn't be eating that." I was eating a piece of chocolate, cheating on my diet. FML
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At least your stalker is looking out for your health...

You could do so much better, don't cheat on your diet, it's not worth it.


You could do so much better, don't cheat on your diet, it's not worth it.

Actually sometimes it's okay to cheat every now and then, just not excessively.

Cheating with chocolate? Dude, chocolate is the jackpot!

That should be: not worth cheating with chocolate? Ugh..sorry.

It really is. But a little bit of chocolate can actually help your diet. It suppresses hunger enough so that you end up eating less afterward. But only eat a little.

Dark chocolate is healthier than most other junk foods... At least they weren't eating a bag of cheesy puffs with extra fat...

Chocolate IS healty.

I would love for it to still be healthy even when eaten in abundance! Just think about your goals, OP. If your intention is to get thinner, think about how happy you would be when you reached it before eating anything that will help you reach the opposite :)

Correction - raw cacao/cocoa/carob in its unadulterated state is teeming with polyphenols and antioxidants. Along with some vitamin E and A, they are by no means unhealthy. That is, until production strips them of their fibre, which contains their fat soluble vitamins, as well as adding whey (casein counteracts antioxidating activity) and heaven knows what chocolate she's talking about.

In moderation, it can be.

thats kind of creepy


Maybe it was her conscious texting

It's ok, it was only her stalker that lives in her attic lookin' out for her.

But convenient! She has an unknown accountablilabuddy.

At least your stalker is looking out for your health...

Yes, so the stalker can go stalk OP for longer. What an elaborate plan! OP isn't of much use to the stalker if he's 6 feet under (or wide).

Maybe it was just his conscience

Yeah so he can rape her when she gets a smokin' hot body!

stalker wants that body to look right when he strikes

chocolate is the substitute for sex!

Sex is good for you, chocolate is usually bad, dropping the chocolate and gettin' some cock would do her 2x the good.

Agreed.. Sex over chocolate, no calories added and you get the workout, burning calories

I beg to differ. Bacon > Chocolate > Sex.

Why not all 3, 21?

I'm sorry but if you think chocolate is actually better than sex then you need to actually go and try having sex.

Some people don't like sex.

69- that's not necessarily true.

Sure! As long as it's not at once.

If they dont like it means there is something wrong with them.

101- people can be asexual, and that doesn't mean there's something wrong with them.

I'm afraid most educated people would consider asexuality a disorder, its prevalence according a study done in 2004 is at about 1% of the population, so it isnt 'normal'. One of the prime functions and instincts of humans is to have intercourse and reproduce, so to not have this instinct is certainly not normal. Its like depression, its a lack of certain chemicals in the brain. Hopefully in the next few years research will narrow down which chemicals these are, and then after a bit longer there will be a medication that will supplement this chemical(s) as independently as possible.

Just because something isn't normal does not make it a disorder. Many people actually consider it an orientation, like being gay, or straight. People who have it don't want to be 'cured' of it, because they don't consider it something they need to be cured of.

Wow that's insulting. Try telling an asexual they need to be "cured" and see how much they love that idea. What bullshit. What the hell does it matter to you if someone doesn't want to have sex? Get a fucking grip

Actually 113 being abnormal is basically the definition of a disorder. What is Down's syndrome? 3 pairs of chromosome 21. What is klienfelters syndrome? 2 X chromosomes and a Y chromosome. These disorders stem from abnormality. Evolutionarily speaking, those people who are homosexual or asexual have not only an abnormality but a debilitating disorder that will remove them from the gene pool (this is equivalent to death evolutionarily). So while it may not need to be fixed (the world is becoming overcrowded as it is) it is none the less a disorder.

Text back and say you're sorry. Then stop cheating.

Yeah I agree... I want to say YDI, but I think it will be harsh because sticking to a diet is super hard

Eating ain't cheating huh?!

Sounds like my zebra! He always text me when i eat some chocolate.

Why wasn't he in Star Wars with you?

Just the diet fairy reminding you to stay on track!

Time to start checking the windows.