By Anonymous - / Sunday 27 September 2015 07:10 / United States - Queens Village
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  JayVicious  |  20

The 1st seems possible because everybody gives a tell when they do this....but people don't have thier own brand of fart that smelks unique to them, but goes by what you eat.

  kieralumina  |  30

If you've lived with someone long enough you can tell if it's them that coughed, sneezed, farted (by sound/smell), used the bathroom, etc. Probably not among 20 people unless the person has a very specific diet though.

  cocainewhore  |  30

#38 I didn't read this as 'women don't fart', I think he was trying to say more along the lines of 'ydi, woman, don't fart.' I mean, it's still a pretty pointless comment but makes more sense than saying women don't fart.