By Noname - 14/03/2009 15:16 - United States

Today, I yelled at my spouse in front of 20 guests for not coming to blow out his birthday cake candles. Turns out he was in the other room, quietly changing his disabled friend's diaper. FML
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I hope you're exaggerating when you say you actually yelled at him for that.

sucks to be married to you...


I hope you're exaggerating when you say you actually yelled at him for that.

You deserve it for being a bitch. I hope that he breaks up with you and starts dating his disabled friend. Then they can quietly spoon on your couch after he wins all of your possessions, leaving you a smelly old bum that lives under a bridge. Then, one day you can crawl out from under your bridge and your former husband will walk by, and seeing his former wife, will exclaim, I hope that crazy women doesn't ask me for change. Then you walk over and he will notice it was you... and later he will be on FML telling us how he met him homeless bitch of an ex-wife. Good day

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Does spouse mean husband?

When combined with "He" in a sentence, generally yes.

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yes partner- whatever

I'd just like to say, not all women are like that. Just like how not all men think about sex all the time. It's just the minority who are bitches (like OP) who portray all women and controlling and horrible.

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115-not all women are like that. I actually listen to what people tell me and pay attention to other people

sucks to be married to you...

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Your a bitch. I'm glad I don't know you. You shouldve asked first

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I would say the same thing he said to you

Very smooth. And I thought I was an asshole.

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thats messed up. i hope he leaves you for being sucha bitch

lol. Oh well, you couldn't have known where he was. Next time try to be discrete about things. I mean it was his birthday, so obviously he would be excited and if he's missing or went off to another room, then it probably means he has some important matters to tend to.

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There's no reason to yell at your spouse in front of 20 people. It's humiliating and degrading, what happens in a couple stays there. End of story. Remember that for the future.

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Fuck his life is more appropriate. It seems so absurd than anyone would seriously yell at someone for not blowing out candles wtf.

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you yelled at him on his birthday? wow i wouldnt marry you.

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Today, it was my birthday. I had to change a grown man's diaper. And then my wife yelled at me for it. FML

That is probably the dumbest reason to yell at someone.