By Adam - 16/03/2010 20:51 - United States

Today, I woke up to go pee and my cat followed me into the bathroom as usual. Then, in a not so usual fashion, she tried to jump from the sink to the top of the toilet, missed, and fell into the bowl while I was peeing. I'm scratched in a bad place, I have urine to clean up off the bathroom floor, and a traumatized cat. FML
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MermaidSongXOXO 6

It thought your balls were a toy. It's a common mistake, really.


Bugatti_Veyron 1

ydi for peeing you sick freak!

sexpistol 0

for peeing? omg, that's so sick! who on earth would ever think of doing such a thing as...peeing! uh...what? how does that make someone a sick freak?

Horney4her69 0

havent we seen one like this before? like a couple of days ago?

jamie_leeann23 0

my puppy comes w/me in the bathroom all the time, poor kitty though, hahaha I hope your weener hurts. :)

Oh my god!!! you pee? you are most definitely a sick freak. pee? really? gross.

Felendris 0

I thought from now on anything not having to do with the message you replied to will be deleted? ok, hold on that was a terrible wording I thought from now on if you post s comment in reply to another and it doesn't have anything to do with the original post, it would be deleted. or was it only that one post?

Ha ha. I like how all of these comments have been moderated :p.

RachelTM 0

@Felendris: It's going to continue onto other FMLs.

Felendris 0

mmk thanks. oh, and #1, I congratulate you for not saying you-know-what you-know-when xD

You would think that people would get the message, but noooo...

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YourEvilHero 12

why are u peeing in a bowl? use a toilet!

I agree with 56 and 1; if you put your cat in a wet bowl; it'll be a wet pussy. Why'd you pee on a cat in a bowl, though?

Um, the part of the toilet that you pee in is called the toilet bowl.

lovs2fuk 0

In reply to 47, Best rule ever. About time.

I knew there were going to be "wet pussy" jokes but right from the start? Impressive. I don't even know how you could have everything out and about with an animal in the room. I would always be nervous they might just snap and try to take something off.

RachelTM and Sirin, I think you're going to have to modify that rule soon. I foresee a lot of people just adding "I agree with #1" and then writing their unrelated post.

Yes, common sense will be exercised in relation to this first post reply abuse. We merely enforce the rules at this point, and those unhappy with it would be advised to read said commenting rules ;)

toaster468 0

not to burst your bubble but the OP is a man

i agree with 77. SPACEBALLS RULES!!!!(this is completely related to the FML because they got scratched in the balls)

It doesn't matter if its related to the FML. It matters if its related to the comment you are replying to.. Which your comment is not related to the first comment. Which is what they are trying to prevent, so people actually comment on their own and not just reply to someone else's comment to get their comment higher up..

tweetbaby14 18

lol 1 that's nice. and OP you're a guy why so you have a pet cat? not that's there's anything wrong with it but it's very unusual...

cocopuff96 0

ya I agree, in a way why would you have a cat? and in the room witch u doing that? what gets me is a man with a cat... what have people come to these days.

I agree 77. People shouldn't just say I agree #1 and then post their unrelated comment like I did. My apologies superior grasshopper.

cherrypieguy 0

sirin will you kill 10 babies when someone replies to #1 as well as when #1 shouts first. the world will be doomed!

it probaly thought ur balls were the toy and Haha u will think before ur car follows into an bathroom

bubbarific 0

ydi for not appreciating a wet pussy

Peacemaker9 7

lol wow sounds like the beginning of a crappy what happened next?

failsaif 0

lol @ #1 there was a wet "schlong" too (scratched in a bad place)

i hate when that happens! especially when it falls in the toilet and tries to grab your dick to stay up! my cat does that to me all the time!!! XD I'm sorry. OP, that sucks. I'm sorry for your wiener.

I guess you'll get a dog now..since the whole pussy thing wasn't working for you..?

gregsdaman 0
gregsdaman 0

I suggest a ball cup with a little built in penis will never happen again!

XxKeLs3yxX 0

#139 were you the girl who tried to get a girls attention and failed like in the other FML?? lmao

gregsdaman 0
XxKeLs3yxX 0

because judging by ur pic it looks like you are.

lawless 152, kinda what I was thinking. she sed yeh I hate when that happens and had to do a take on her pic and I'm like... not natural :P

#139, are you transgender or a drag queen or am I completely misunderstanding your pic and/or comment?

I think 139 was kidding. but I can't be sure. erg I'm confused ^~^

hi confused, my names Loren, I thought your name was Paige? (lame joke of the day :D)

oOoOoOoOo. hehe I get it!! your a clever one aren't cha!

you said i'm confused, when you introduce yourself to someone you say (in example, myself) I'm Loren , so I pulled out that dry joke :( sry if it ain't funny, I try :P

lol k you got it :P thx, man I hate this anti flood thing, takes like 30 seconds to post again on this iPod

haha I knoww. xD it's very annoying. and I think you are very funny. and I like your name^-^

I must be on a roll takes one joke and I'm funny :) yah tho by the time I finally post again someones posted under me/above me thx for the compliment

squirell_AIDS69 0

#139 has a dick? ehh not surprising

umm@139 W. T. F is u a chick or lady gaga cause either ur a chick or a weird guy wth a chick as his pic

JoshTheMaggot 8

haha #1 sadly this is the only pussy he can get wet lmao.

FINALLY!! The whole first post replying abuse was unbearably annoying, so it's great to hear those types of comments will finally be moderated! :D

luckymay 0

hahaha I don't think he did, it was a tramitised. :p

tweetbaby14 18

oh come on I call bull sirin. 115 just posted an unrelated comment and his stupid thing is still there. I think you are just moderating comments of people that you know are funnier than you. thanks for playing bullsh*t

Not really. At least it wasn't a homeless man with a bottle opener and a crack pipe. Happened to my cousin. He's never been the same.

paige not to be one of those creepers without pics that hit on girls... but holy crap you're adorable! lol

mexicantumblewee 0
MermaidSongXOXO 6

It thought your balls were a toy. It's a common mistake, really.

yes it is it happens to me all the time

Olympian94 0
tman118 0

Olympian, do you only come on FML to comment on girls' pics? Just wondering. Mermaid, where have you been? I missed your comments!

MermaidSongXOXO 6

ImaginaryFoe, I left temporarily because I got sick of mean people on here :) Then I decided to come back and laugh at other people's pain ^_^

MF12 0

I know! I didn't really notice, but when I saw Mermaid's comment I was like "Where has she been?"

I thought your face was a demon It's a common mistake, really.

MermaidSongXOXO 6

Seriously... what the **** is it with people making comments about my picture saying it's creepy or demonic?!

1. red rings around your eyes 2. slight depressed frown 3. evil stare I'm sure your a fine and normal person, but it's a bad pic, just change it

sorry, LOOKS like a frown, at first glance

manslayerbob 0

poor cat. don't let it into the bathroom with you anymore.

XxKeLs3yxX 0

WTF! poor cat lol? the cat wasnt the one who got his balls scratched!

true 159. but the cat was freaked out because it fell into a toilet filled with pee. and saw the OP's junk. that's why the cat tried to take a swipe at it, and succeeded. sooo...FTL for both. and btw you have pretty hair :) i'm not trying to be creepy or anything. just a compliment.

mexicantumblewee 0
RusselFaraday 0

ydi for letting your cat in but fyl for gettin scratched there

Hey, don't get mad at the cat. It just pussied out for one second. it's not his fault!!!

love how ur pic is a cat but your username say dog

CrazeDblaze 0

well the op is retarded for letting the cat stay and watch him piss

RuukasuNinja 0

I feel sorry for u, but feel worse for the cat