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By  Tripartita  |  44

From the makers of Twitch Plays Pokémon, it's Twitch Plays Customers!

After berating you about utter nonsense, the poor thing spent 10 minutes standing next to the automatic doors, sliding slightly to the right.



regardles of whether or not this comment you responded to is a hit or a miss, this is at least (!) your third 'you try too hard comment'.... why are you like this? I don't see the point in saying crap like that. Are you really so bitter irl? Because judging by your jerkish comments so far, I imagine a sack of potatoes would be more fun to hang out with than you. Unless it was idk International 'hate yourself' day and I wanted to participate. I've always enjoyed the cheap, petty insults. You do seem to them so well too. The lack of creativity and wit is something to be admired. Bravo! [said no one ever]

(sorry if this came out super mean but I'm severely intolerant of BS. Probably will lead me to my doom one day. I can see it now - "I was just standing in this corner unseen when you shot that couple dead whilst shouting 'love is death in disguise' How dare you end those lives so young! Scumbag! This is so tragic! And this is just you being butt hurt over being dumped isn't it?")

By  Kukironosuke  |  16

she is probably mad you stole her golden opportunity, she probably thought she found a winning lottery ticket, some people are just looking for opportunities to benefit off of others misfortune :/