By yogapants - 24/09/2010 20:21 - Switzerland

Today, I let out the most horrific, loudest, and most vile smelling fart I have ever had in my life while in the middle of yoga class. Out of embarrassment, I tried to lessen the tension in the silent room by giggling, but no one saw the funny side. I was given looks of horror, and avoided by everyone else for the rest of the class. FML
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that would be embarrassing but the other people need ti grow up. it is only a fart. everyone passes gas.

Joseph_Stalin 0

A few Russian scientists would like to speak to you. We are currently making improved gas bombs and we feel you can really help us!


what were you doing at yoga class she should have been in the kitchen... jk

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You must have a really loose butthole.

Op you might as well show them you're penis, cuz we all know women can't fart

i agree with #16. YDI for not knowing your place.

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it's ok op some guys find girls farting attractive

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19- Hahahahahaha! That's what I thought!

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stpp gettin so much anal and it will stop.

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you shouldve blamed it on the person right next to you. then once everyone was staring at you, you shouldve ran. btw did someone die? I bet someone smelled it then died right in front of you. and that was part of the reason you giggled.


No, I said what I meant and I meant what I said! Op, you are penis!

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"alright ladies, take a deep breath in, & slowly put yourself in the doggie position." (or whatever it's called) *everyone slowly moves up* OP: PPPPPFFFFFFTTTTFAAAAARTTTTROFLLAWLWOOOOOT "ahhh!! -giggles- I tooted!!!" class: 0______o !

You may not want to do that yoga position again, assuming they even let you back in.

Sonfang 19

Sorry op that sucks, but when doing yoga and you smush some of those intestinal spots, gas that was trapped is let out. Unfortunately you did the worst thing brought attention to yourself :( I know from several different experiences in different classes you should just act like it didn't happen. Meh, just let it go and continue class...everyone farts!

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nope 81 I don't fart. I have been trained to never fart again.

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I started laughing at looks of horror lol

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Its coming from ladies man, so it must be a. True comment!

it IS possible to hold in farts. ladies must hav that skill.

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yeah, it's possible, but WAY the heck harder when you're in yoga positions that force gas out

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Oh no! Did you have beans for lunch?

I feel for you, that would be so embarrassing :/

it IS possible to hold inyour farts. ladies must have this skill.

She was in a yoga class. She probably was stretching a certain way that made it slip out without her ring able to stop it.

that would be embarrassing but the other people need ti grow up. it is only a fart. everyone passes gas.

it's embarrassing, yes.. but people do fart. it's not the end of the world.

first the 2 fmls about cars and locks and now these 2 about vile smells lol this is awesome

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Maybe that is why the person in the other post smells like dead animals - she farted on him

If I was there I would have busted out laughing. Fyl for having a lame yoga class.

It wasn't on purpose, if OP could have stopped it I am sure they would have.