By WTF - Poland - Wroclaw
Today, I was driving to work and stopped at a stop light. A full 2 or 3 seconds passed, followed by a car rear-ending me. The idiot driving it got out and gave me hell, calling me a maniac because I braked "too quickly" and didn't give him a chance to react. FML
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By  Livin_Like_Larry  |  29

I don't know how it works in Poland, but in America, the person that rear-ends another is always responsible. He should have left more space between both of your cars. You should check and see what your country's road laws are, he might be at fault there too.

  corigirl13  |  12

Not true in my state, 13. If anyone rear ends someone, they are at fault for following too closely. You are supposed to leave enough space to be able to react to the car ahead of you.


#32 and I are the same. One of the first things they teach in driving school here is that the one who rear-ends is always at fault. They are responsible for leaving an appropriate amount of space between themselves and the car again.

  PhinIt2WinIt  |  24

but what about those who cant react that split second someone cuts them off? it can be anyones fault, but the OP got rear ended by an idiotic, possibly wreckless driver on their phone.

  kirkaygri  |  18

In my state, they usually use the who ever rear ended thing, but in certain cases, like being cut off, they'll use damage on the cars to determine who was a fault. It's a pain, though leaving enough room and not getting cut off. I try to leave a 3-7 second following distance, depending on how fast we're going and I'm constantly cut off by assholes who, well, I don't even know what they're thinking. I know how long it takes my car to stop, and I drive accordingly. I thought it was basic drivers ed. But, then again, most people don't seem to have taken drivers ed.

  Fairyjoshy  |  13

Oh they take Driver's Ed. They kinda have to.
The thing is they just laugh their way through the class.
I had to take my Driver's Ed with clique of dipshits like that. They also happened to be stereotypical school bullies, too, of the "they think it's funny to hold a door shut and prevent anyone from getting inside in the winter" sort.

By  wordygirl  |  11

Some cannot admit fault, no matter the circumstance. It's best not to engage, just exchange info, call the cops, just don't talk about the details of the accident. Glad nobody got hurt!