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Today, my husband decided to be helpful and do all the laundry, including pre-treating all the stains. He felt that Clorox Clean-Up with Bleach would be the most effective. FML
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lol , at least he tried to help

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She should make him drink the bleach! :D

Well I'm not a farmer but Cmon have some common sense.

at least he tried :( I feel bad for him he was doing something nice ...

It's not a wife's job to "train" her husband to do laundry. A fifteen year old should know not to put bleach on colors - boy or girl. A man should know how to do laundry well before he's married. Granted, this is probably not the end of the world, but its not a woman's "job" to "teach" men how to do basic household chores.

Hehe..I would just make MY husband fold socks or something. It saves us all the embarassment of having to wear splotchy, faded shirts and undies.

I love watching people attempt to make jokes so somebody else can say win to them. lmfao fails

at least the gut tried to help do the laundry. unlike most that play xbox 360 all day. E for Effort

#48 that was very sexist, and I do not appreciate that, but ur right.

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Anyone else remember the FML where the wife made breakfast for the husband and the husband got mad that he had to clean up the mess... ...yeah

Respect and agree to the fith degree my homie g. :-)

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He was just trying to get all the cum stains off his clothes. Do you smell cheating scum bag?

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@48 I do the laundry and I'm a man.. and I do it perfectly fine, so you don't have it right as some people have said.

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we use that to clean counters, bathrooms, etc. ...dam

amen laundry and cooking are woman work jk

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^ So true. She just needs to get back in the kitchen.

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at least op's husband isn't a sexist pig who realizes it's okay to do housework, and much less embarrassing than sitting on your ass while your wife slaves away. op, way to go on giving the sexist asswipes on here more amo. >.>

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...I'm pretty sure it was a joke and they weren't being serious... but hey, if they were, more power to 'em! :)

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haha a women trying to talk about womens rights but makes a spelling error (by the way I'm not sexist in any way) jk wanna hear a joke? womens sports hahahahaha

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I'm going to have to agree with angryninja. It's always somewhat amusing though, to see men using the fact that they stand up to piss while women sit as proof or superiority. Morons.

It's more amusing to see women take the bait and get all heated up over a joke.

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if you think about it women are way more sexist than men, we just don't react to it.

AngryNinja, he might be sexist and smart enough to do the bleach trick so OP won't let him help anymore. Either way, OP, have him buy you new clothes and let him know he needs more practice doing laundry.

A "women?" And you are criticizing the grammar of others?

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it was a joke and my bad a woman sheesh

In his defense, he was only trying to be helpful. on the other hand, he should have known not to do that, it's just common sense. Then again, common sense is the least common of the senses. By the way, this is when you teach him the correct way to do laundry, because now you'll know he can :)

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i didnt kno there was a problem with tht myself haha O.o

I didn't even know it was bad until I read this.

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YDI for not training your man better. Easily fixed, though.

5th!!!!! yeah I do most of the laundry and I'm a man. even I knew bleach is a no no on mix loads lol

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Ahhhh....... the sweet smell of fail in the leaves me slightly aroused.

@ ipts I was fifth while typing it. Don't call me a dumbass because you evidently don't know me.

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Why not kindly tell him what he did wrong, instruct him on how to do it right, and get over it? What's more important, bitching about your clothes online? Or being happy together with your husband?

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I did that once. Now I never have to do laundry again. Your husband is much smarter than you think.

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now who's being sexist lol "make him do it write " how bout **** you do it yrself lazy bitch ps I help my wife with almost evry chore around the house plus take care of are two kids and still hold a full time job lazy ass people

Yeah, but you dropped out of scholl at 14 and worked at Mcdonalds, as you're spelling skills show.