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Today, I attended the funeral of a close friend. Most of the other guests were openly grinning and joking around, and the guy in front of me kept muttering "that's what she said" during the eulogy. FML
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Then it seems you were his only true friend there.

That's really sad and disrespectful. Unless he was the type of guy who would rather people joke around than be sad


Then it seems you were his only true friend there.

So disrespectful. Who the hell would even say "thats what she said" in a damn funeral

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Ladies and gentlemen... Our society!

I don't know about you guys, but in where I'm from, that's more or less how funerals go. The emphasis is set on reminiscing all the happy moments the deceased has brought us, instead of mourning over their passing.

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It's one thing to reminisce about the happy moments and it's another to be disrespectful. One is expected while the other is unforgivable.

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After going to too many funerals for my friends already, I understand trying laugh through the pain, so to speak. But if some mother ****** kept saying "that's what she said" during one my friends funerals I'd clock that piece of shit right in his ******* mouth. Then look up in the sky and say "you're welcome". That's way too disrespectful no matter how lighthearted the funeral may be, you don't pull that shit.

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I think it's more that people are uncomfortable at funerals. So they joke around because they don't know how else to handle death appropriately

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My little brother came with us to a funeral, and being the little kid that he was, kept trying to joke around since everyone else was "so gloomy". When they open the casket for viewing, he leaned over and whispered loudly to me "I see dead people". Point is, some people don't grasp/deal with death and empathy the way the rest of us might; such as young children.

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Ok is it just me or did almost everyone suddenly get keen reader: - student ninja and master ninja both all at the same time today?

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You usually do that after the funeral

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That's what she said

It's kinda obvious you new here

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Sorry #18're*

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You're not sorry, #20. Admit it. You just did that for the up votes.

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Lol at the people down voting me. He would've said something to help the op after his initial grammar correction to #18. His comment wasn't insightful, just a smart ass correction and he has "halla, halla" in his profile. And doesn't spell "you" completely in his profile. Lmao. As for me, I commented originally on the 2nd page, FYI.

olpally 32

Yeah, I'm getting buried, seems like everyone loves grammar corrections. Haha. Just speaking the truth whether you like it or not. And now I sound crazy for responding to myself and drawing unwanted attention... Oops. Well, take care FML community. Goodnight

You should just call it quits

Excuse me for a spelling error that I accidentally made while I was typing fast on my iPad

That's really sad and disrespectful. Unless he was the type of guy who would rather people joke around than be sad

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I agree that's really disrespectful

I'm glad I'm not the only one that see it that way. I really don't like saddness (it's a sucky feeling!), so I would want my friends and family to still laugh and smile at my memory instead of moping around being sad! I like to think that's how OP's friend was n_n

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Ya im sorry op. Ive lost someone recent and if I had people acting like that at the funeral..I'd smart off something. Some people want their funerals to be a more happier event..but then again moarning will always take place. .it's an important part of someone passing away. I'm truly sorry op...I hope you find comfort.

What about it also being disrespectful to the person giving the eulogy speech?

dependeds on the dead person for me I would want my furneral to be a happy time with jokes and my will will be the most badass one ever bit that is just me

I'd rather have people celebrate my life than mourn my death excessively. but it must be hard to be grieving in that kind of situation, OP

who the **** does that at a funeral?

I just hope my funeral is like that! I'm that type of guy though.

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I'd like a grim reaper standing in the back of my funeral, is there something wrong with that?

Nothing at all, nothing. at. all.

83- That's what she said.

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this is fuuucked uuup

Youuur "uuu" buuutton uuusage is contagiouuus.

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#25: "Calling members out like that exhibits a level of immaturity rarely seen. Watch yourself."

Hmm, I don't see the connection between joking with a commenter and making a completely uncalled for jab at a member who hasn't even posted.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

30--what? r u stalking him now? and basically everyone on fml will stand up for bullying other is immature and not needed.

CoffeeChickBlows 13

HAHAHA, reading the comments, seeing hers here then copying what he said to me on another FML is "stalking"? Wow, you sound like one of those 12 year olds that say "OMG YOU'RE LOOKING AT MY FML PROFILE?? STOP STALKING ME!!!" Get a sense of humor. And a sense of proportion.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22 do u know so much about me?

I dunno CoffeeChick, you're sounding pretty defensive there..... Are you suuuure you're not stalking Welshite?

I stalk welshite. I mean... What?

Funerals are emotional and sad. Talking about it can be hard and very crappy... however, I didn't realize people would be so upset in this FML after reading about OP's misfortune to comment jab at other people within the comments because of their original comments. This site really does show some love and compassion for others in their darkest moments. :P I love you all!

That's horrible, sorry you had to sit through that OP! :(

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If it was my close friend, id have set them strait.

Straight *

But yeah I'd do the same, "that's what she sa." * slaps *

hating on the gays?

I'd have sicked George Strait on them.

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#26: WORST. JOKE. EVER. I used to think "Did you get your hair cut? No, I got all my hairs cut" was the worst joke ever. Thank you for showing me I was wrong. Now don't do that again.

My god, Op. They're all assholes. My condolences for the loss if your friend.

What a bunch of shitty people. Atleast you were a true friend OP

I would've just walked out if I were you. People can be so disrespectful

I wouldn't, I'd ask them to shut up and show some respect or leave, but these guys probably wouldn't have any respect for anything.

punkyboy 11

how would walking out of the funeral be better? you would be just as disrespectful as the people making jokes if you just walked out.