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Today, at the funeral home where I work, I asked my boss if it was time to "bring out the stiff". I didn't realize the guy's family was not only in the building, but within earshot as well. FML
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You deserve it for not watching your surroundings or saying it in a more polite manner.

Haven't you ever been taught to act profesional in your work area? YDI


Alup132 22

You deserve it for not watching your surroundings or saying it in a more polite manner.

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And then brazzers music would start to play.

That is an awesome suggestion, and really one of the only ways OP could have salvaged the situation without making things worse.

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When OP said "stiff," I immediately thought he was referring to his penis... I guess it's because of my username (._. )

Haven't you ever been taught to act profesional in your work area? YDI

But some workplaces invite some enthusiasm by allowing jokes like that. Especially in jobs like that one. So maybe it's one of those? But you still have a point.

I agree. I work in the medical field and we HAVE to joke sometimes to get through it.

But you don't do this in front of the family, or to a terminally ill patient, correct? The comment made is hurtful and in a grieving process and what has to be a final goodbye, a sad but beautiful moment, you simply stay respectful. Even towards the dead.

Of course not in front of people. They definitely need to be more aware of their surroundings.

It's not only that, he shouldn't be making such inappropiate jokes about dead people, it's just disrespectful even if it is a dead person, it's a tragic situation that needs to be taken seriously.

Wow, this is one of the places where you should always speak about people in a good manner whether someone is around or not. It's not like the dead can hear, but out of respect, you shouldn't speak about anyone that way. YDI.

#4 When I was in 8th grade, we had a visit from a man working at a funeral home. He said they had to joke sometimes, otherwise it would be too stressful. I do believe most funeral home employees, joke about the dead people occasionally.

Yes, but usually not in front of the relatives.

I would not work in a Funeral home for one more minute if I were you. If you can't be THAT respectful…

Don't be a jerk. It has got to be really depressing to work around dead people all day. OP shouldn't have said it anywhere that the family could here. But still you have to some sometimes or no one could stand that job.

Not to be cheesy but as the show scrubs put it once, when you're surrounded by death constantly it's better to use humor and other coping mechanisms to help distance yourself from your job so it doesn't keep you down. If you get to personal with those kinda things it can really effect your mental state. (Sorry about shit grammar)

Never seen scrubs, don't care to. When the family can easily be around in a situation like this, you be polite.

Do you know what it's like to work around death? There's a reason most funeral homes stay in families, because no one outside of the family raised around it would want anything to do with it. You probably should be more courteous when there is any possibility of a family being present, but if you aren't desensitized, you'd kill yourself.

Honestly that's not true at all. You don't have to be raised around death to be able to work around it. I wasn't raised around it at all and I work with dead people on a daily basis. Also working with dead people should never make you want to kill yourself. That's just completely not true.

Sounds like you need a stiff one after that...

StiffPvtParts 43

There's nothing better than cracking open a cold one! Beer-lovers and necrophiliacs can both confirm.

Man.... this comment section is totally dead

I know of a certain someone who'll be haunted for the rest of their life.

Pretty sure the OP skipped passed foot-in-mouth right to head-in-ass with that comment.

I don't think that one worked out the way you intend, 61.

Well you're an idiot then OP, you should be respectful of the dead and refer to the deceased by their given names. What are you, a child?

Thank you, you took the words right out of my mouth.