By missedout - 05/02/2013 22:48 - United States - York

Today, while my mother-in-law visited, I asked if she wouldn't mind watching my son for 10 minutes as I had run out of baby shampoo. I came back home to see she had shaved his head completely bald. That was his very first haircut. FML
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chelsearenaeee 16

What kind of Bitch does that? That's when you wait for her to fall asleep and shave her head

Well, looks like you won't be needing the shampoo after all. Save it for later!


Well, looks like you won't be needing the shampoo after all. Save it for later!

You shouldn't pull your hair out over this. Don't split ends with her and just realize she was trying to be helpful.

#6 I wouldn't mind if you did shave it for later

Tell your M.I.L to get the follicle outta hair...and never comb back!

The puns on FML are seriously getting old.

#55 I like how you're the only one that thinks so ;)

^ a woman who cheers and plays trombone, what can be more annoying than that...

tjv3 10

I would punch her in the face and then break her fingers. That just ain't right man that's just wrong

If you don't like her comment just thumb it down. There is no need to be an asshole and insult her. I know I should be doing the same thing to your comment but I felt the need to tell you to stop being a jerk.

chelsearenaeee 16

What kind of Bitch does that? That's when you wait for her to fall asleep and shave her head

Mothers ALWAYS get to do shit first... It's like a rule. First Haircut, Bath, anything. Playing with fire if you try and take control.

mother? yes. grandma? not without asking mom first.

Not only was it an issue of first haircut... But you shouldn't be cutting other people's children's hair without their permission period ...

**** her up! Drown that bitch in your baby's bath water!

chell1894 13

Is she mentally all there? Because I do not know of any grandma that would think that's okay to do. It wasn't even a first hair cut. She shaved all the hair!

66-That works too, that could be effective.

I think she would wake up if anyone started shaving her hair. What you could do is cut chunks out of her hair in odd places as close to the scalp as possible.

That sucks OP. You mother-in-law basicly stole a moment you could have had with your son that you are never going to get back. Did she do it on purpose? Do you two have a bad relationship or was it an honest(ish) mistake? Either way that really sucks ={.

then000bster 16

So haircut virginity is a thing with parents? Probably in a different culture this would be violating something.

I know a mom that freaked out when her husband took their 9 month old to get his first haircut. There's an old wive's tale that says if you cut a child's hair before their first birthday, the child will become a stutterer. It wasn't true in their case. And my neighbor shaved their "daughter's" head when she was a few months old because their culture believe it'll make their child's hair grow back lush and thick!

24# Not sure where she's from, but in Argentina the same belief exists. I'm from there and I was shaved the day I was born and shaved a few more times until I turned one. Really, it doesn't make much of a difference, regardless of when you shave or get a haircut for the first time.

rein 8

At least your mother-in-law didn't subject him to years of humiliation by using a bowl to cut his mine did :(

dontpanic_fml 32

You let your mother in law cut your hair with a bowl?

TheManager 6

Bet you and your husband wish you went on that cruise instead, huh?

Is she the same one who ordered the food you were allergic too?

so that does suck it's not the end of the world. great thing about hair and babies they both grown rather quickly

Mademoiselle_fml 34

That's not the point, though... I see what you mean, but the big deal was that it was the kid's very first haircut, and of course the mother wanted to be there for it. They want to be there for everything: first giggle, first burp, first word, first steps, first haircut... etc. A haircut after the baby's first would probably not have been such a big deal, but the first one is, especially to a mother.

I think it's that grandma took it upon her self to shave the kid's head without mom's permission. I can imagine how any mom would be pissed at this.

kalynnepointer 7

I would have screamed, and punched her in the face. That's just me though.

And then you would get arrested for to not punch people in the face.

JJ_Rokk 10

No a mohawk is too cool for this bitchy. I suggest shaving it all, except for having a ratail. For those who do not know, a ratail is the bit of hair on the back of the head at the very bottom.