By Anonymous - 05/02/2013 22:59 - United States - San Antonio

Today, I found out my boyfriend sleeps on a Princess Leia pillow. He's 22. FML
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rein 8

May the force be with him.

... I'm 24 and also have a Star Wars pillow with R2D2 and C3P0 on it... This is a bad thing?


rein 8

May the force be with him.

When the girlfriend tries to take them away: "These are not the pillows you are searching for."

I see no problem here. Do you mean to tell me you have no memorabilia of enjoyable things of your past that you have and/or use to help you enjoy the present?

It's a pillow... not meth.

He wouldn't be sleeping if he was on meth 40!

... I'm 24 and also have a Star Wars pillow with R2D2 and C3P0 on it... This is a bad thing?

If you're single it probably is.

Not at all! Better than a cringe-worthy Twight-light pillow for the love of God!

Not to this girl! That's awesome!!

Honestly, I don't really see why having a Star Wars themed pillow is a bad thing... Maybe if you're in your 30s or 40s? Or married. But idk haha that might just be me

LosAngelesSon 8

Life could be worse.

Your comment could be worse.

This thread could be worse.

This could be worse thread. o_O

TheManager 6

Is she in the golden bikini?... She's gotta be in the golden bikini...

That is just so awesome. Stop bitching, you have a cool boyfriend.

bitches love golden bikinis

can we say nerd alert nerd alert. I detect the force is strong with this 1!!!

What's wrong with being a nerd?

How does liking Star Wars make you a nerd?

I think 43% of the people on this site are nerds. Be prepared for down votes.

I sense a golden bikini in your future.

NotGabe 28

You should remedy the situation. -wink wink nudge nudge-

It's better than a pillow pet.

...or a sock puppet under his pillow.

True but they are pillows AND pets. Seems cool.

This guy also wins the internet, lighten up OP!

Princess Leia where are you tonight..and who's laying there by your side? Every night, I fall asleep with yoou, and I wake up alone..:D