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12... kayla is reffering to the first comment that appears on the phone app... I actually see two first comments, the one you see and one saying "that sucks" which I assume is who kayla is telling off... the apps been going crazy lately!

  Dracoboxer357  |  35

14- fuckmebutdontfml, I had to refresh this thread 4 times to see what you meant, many comments are popping in and out of here like quarks. :p
But as far as getting a mullet goes, big deal. It's a hair cut. Play with it, see what you like, grow it out again. Who hasn't dyed their hair a weird or disagreeable colour once before just to test it out or had an odd cut as a kid? It's all part of growing up. :)


Agreed 37. I had all sorts of odd cuts and colours on my hair. I still do to be honest. Hair is a great way to experiment and express yourself without long term consequences like say... Tattoos. Hair grows out and you can change it.

  Feklfekl2222  |  32

In my opinion not a lot. My friend went to the hairdressers and the idiot doing her hair ignored what she want and had pretty much given her a mullet, luckily it looks quite good. They can look good and it depends what type

By  whoaaahorsie  |  7

party in the front, business in the back

  Skinyrd  |  17

Well you can never be in the Mullet brotherhood if you don't grow one. Notice how I capitalized the first letter in Mullet. Yeah, it deserves it. That's how badass they are.