By Anonymous - 11/01/2013 19:47 - United States - Simi Valley

Today, one of my paintings was accepted into a local art gallery. It would've been a dream come true, had my "best friend" not submitted it under her own name and taken all the credit. FML
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peasonearth 8

You've got a shitty best friend there. Did you not sign your painting?

This is a case where you can sue.. She already showed she is a bitch and not a real friend..


peasonearth 8

You've got a shitty best friend there. Did you not sign your painting?

Ive done some drawings of my own in the past in which I wasn't able to put a signature small enough but distinguishable (with the medium I used). While it's a good idea, you sometimes can't put one in there. Or you forget.

Krajjan 9

Sign the back. Document the process. Have a few witnesses. I feel terrible about the insane level of injustice OP experienced, I really do. However, it is a bit of a YDI for failing to protect their creation. Want to bet Mrs. Rowling filed for a copyright before the proverbial ink dried on her first book?

I sign the back, put my mark on the front (my initials intertwined), and if it's a particularly good painting? I'll spit in the paint. They can DNA test my bloody painting if they don't believe it's mine. :P

da vinci never signed the Mona Lisa.

That's awful! But when she has to talk about why she did it, what it means and her method and influences - hopefully they will see she is a fraud.

Ask her to repaint it freehand.

Fucking cuntbag.

well this escalayed quickly

perdix 29

#2, I would SO buy an authentic Fucking Cuntbag, no matter how awful the painting part was. I'd show it off with a little spotlight illuminating the signature!

Eloquent use of vocabulary. Congratulations.

New favorite swear line along with little **** **** *****(eminen)

damn_homie 2

Punch him/her in the ******* face

36 & 39, you are both just SOOOOO CHARMING. So charming I wish I could slap both of you idiots.

Yes I agree!! Brilliantly funny! Fucking cuntbag - must remember for next insult! :)

This is a case where you can sue.. She already showed she is a bitch and not a real friend..

Gogh kick her ass!

zingline89 18

Then sue her for lots of Monet!

12 That's if a judge will ear her case..

Yea, sue that butt-Munch! Sharp as ever, zing.

oj101 33

If you mouth Van Gogh, it looks like you're saying **** off. Try it.

Totally tried it!

That's hilarious, 4!! Also, OP, all you have to do is discuss the matter (discreetly) with the gallery management. If there is even a HINT that they are displaying stolen or plagiarized work, they will take it down and investigate immediately.

ea247 20

Horrible friend

I think you can grasp that from the FML..

Correct me but I'm pretty sure there's somewhere in the constitution that says you can legally kill her.

Lol no ones come forward to correct you... The verdict stands!

Time for a new best friend and a lawsuit!

I'm seriously hoping you were there at this point. Unless you're not old enough to drive where you live, could you not have proven the painting was yours with a license when the judges came to see it... or something like that?

HanaFML 10

That is plagiarism. Taking a person's idea/creation and claiming it as your own. Contact the art gallery and give them the proper information.

If they are genuinely interested in your work, it should be easy to prove that you are the artist.

How'd she get the painting?

Oh my god, how do you think? She was her best friend, maybe even a roommate. Doesn't take a genius to put two and two together.

I hired steven hawking.. He couldn't figure it out and then IQuit...