By LetItRip - 12/07/2012 20:35 - Czech Republic - Prague

Today, I nailed every single move in my routine at a gymnastics competition. I then finished off with a perfect split, letting out a fart loud enough to wake up a kid in China. FML
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kballa21 2

Better lay off those beans...


kballa21 2

Better lay off those beans...

unknown_user5566 26

But if they laid off the beans, how would OP end their routine with a bang? ;)

GovernorGeneral 8

Lol OP try doing it again so you could try brushing it off as the noise some chairs make when dragged on the ground. ;D Everyone's tried that at least once...

That's not what the coaches mean when they say "stick the landing", but I'm sure they admire your improving skills.

luckyd880 12

Kid in china "why you wake me up?!!"

perdix 29

I thought in gymnastics, balance beans are compulsory.

In response to your profile you don't! Unless……

In china, they call a fart a "fom-pei" - Chinese kid probably said "aye ya, who fom-pei??"

Don't worry OP, shit happens... and now you'll have an awesome story to tell your grandkids :D

TheCaterpiller 6

Oh... Did the judges still say you did well?

10s across the board! 9 for the routine, and an extra point for a stylistic and creative ending!

Can they really penalize you for that?

what does it have to do with the french judge ?!

if you have to ask, you're probably french.... sorry

crazyladydaisy 4

Don't let that ruin your victory, sounds like you performed well, congrats.

Yeah. Don't let the fart ruin your outstanding performance. Enjoy the win, forget about the fart, keep the trophy!

Agreed! Sounds like you had a cracking performance

sunnyt 5

So it was you that woke me up, thanks OP..

mrphychrs 5

girls don't fart... or poop...

That's cause they don't get assholes till they grow up and get married ;)

TheCaterpiller 6

You need to get. Girlfriend and find out for yourself that actually.... They do

unknown_user5566 26

18 your sentences were. So choppy and I had a... hard time reading them. ;)

elletex 8

He's a caterpillar, go easy on him. ;)

GovernorGeneral 8

Oh my god. So i'm not a girl !?

monkeybanana 7

Have you heard of the book "Everyone Poops"?

Who said the OP is a girl? .. Men do gymnastics too and the FML doesn't specify a gender.

I'd be terrified of any guy who can do the splits. o_O

Who says it was a girl? Guys do gymnastics too..

Dear God, Please tell me this guy is joking. Sincerely, Sane people

kodinbug 2

At least the fart showed you really put some effort into it! That's great though:) it's always a grey feeling to perfect something you've worked hard at!! And farting feels go too I guess...

kodinbug 2

Oops sorry guys, good not go... Oops -_-

Agreed, sounds like OP really went out with a bang!

kodinbug 2

Oh my gosh! And great not grey, Lol I HATE auto correction!

GlitterAngel 8

I cried so hard reading this! Thank you! Helped me digest my dinner quicker! Lol.

theneatoburrito 8

That's when you play it cool, pretend like it was part of the routine, and pray to God the judges have a sense of humor.

Well that stinks. You really blew it. Butt that's okay. Better luck next time!

kodinbug 2

Haha so creative. Silly silly:)

superbubbles 4

Did you 118? OMG, I thought I was the only one!

unknown_user5566 26

If the fart was indeed that loud, it makes your routine even more impressive. ;)

10- Agreed, after a great routine, It'd be hard for her competition to deliberately top that as a memorable Grand Finale. ;)

The_Big_Boss 20

How do you know? Did you measure how many decibals your fart was?