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Today, I was giving my boyfriend head. Soon, I noticed he was being very quiet. When I looked up, he was in a deep sleep. FML
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MetalxSoldier 26

Well maybe you should date someone under 65 next time. I mean sure the senior citizen discounts rock but your sex life will be non existent.


if he was, must have been having a relating dream

theten_fml 9

That just happened to me! Except I'm the boyfriend and I didn't fall asleep. Sooooo.. Doesn't matter had sex.

BarDownDaily 12

18- So it didn't happen to you then.

34- it's not rape if you enjoy it.. But in this case, yep that's rape

Maybe her mouth was super relaxing! :-)

******** are very relaxing, and since you're not physically active like during sex is pretty easy to fall asleep, especially if you're already tired.

scrape your teeth the next time, I guarantee he'll stay awake.

Epsilonyx 15

42, you should just ******* end your life right now for even saying that such an action is possible. My body aches because of your comment. ;~;

I don't understand. What's wrong with her hair?

Gondile 4
Epsilonyx 15

Thanks, 86! You sound like an attractive guy yourself. Your profile picture is an indicator of your confidence level, I'm sure.

iamabamf 17

86-It's okay, I liked your hair. (:

Maybe you just suck at it. Practice makes perfect !

perdix 29

Getting a bad ******** is frightening and stressful. There's no way he could doze off if she sucked at it. When you are getting terrible head, you are worried about physical injury and dreading the idea of trying to get her to stop without hurting her feelings.

Lol terrible head doesn't just mean..teeth..:S it could also be she's to slow/loose on the lip grip/not very into it and so on! Basically she boring orrrrrr he sleeps when pleasured xP

Perdix, the person meant that she sucks it alot

MetalxSoldier 26

Well maybe you should date someone under 65 next time. I mean sure the senior citizen discounts rock but your sex life will be non existent.

bettyc4 26

I learned its possible for guys to cum without anything coming out, he must have done that then passed out. OR... You're so use to cum you didn't notice when he was done lol if that's so I congratulate you on bein a pro man pleaser

Good thing you have beauty because you are sure lacking in the brains department.

SmirkingRevenge_fml 7

I can imagine how you 'learned' that; 'um okay, you can stop that now.' 'but you didn't even cum?' 'sure I did! it was just invisible!'

bettyc4 26

Wow. Look it up guys a man can experience an ****** without ejaculating. Yes it is possible.

gage27 5

That's what my girlfriend likes best, my capability to produce invisible semen, it truly is amazing.....

You people are assholes. As well as completely stupid. It is possible for men to ****** without ejaculating. It is also possible for them to ejaculate without ******. Go read a frickin book before you insult people's intelligence.

gage27 5

Calm down there sporto it's a joke, or at least mine was haha!

Epsilonyx 15

Some of you need chill out and stop jumping people and senselessly harassing them. Why comments like those aren't hidden is a mystery to me.

bettyc4 26

Cuz the Internet loves to praise ignorant morons and insult logical intellect including this site. It's all about who can troll better and those 50+ that did thumbs down obviously don't know how to look something up before throwing out their ignorant insults and opinions

It's possible they thumbed you down because they don't like you....I thumbed you down for that reason just a thought

bettyc4 26

That is really stupid thanks for helping to prove my point and the thumbs are supposed to be for the comments not the people. Way to not like someone you don't even know soo mature buddy when does Darwinism kick in again??

Guys can cum without orgasming, but not the other way around. And yes, I know because I've done it before.

Must have been a terrible ******* for that to happen

I disagree. Most terrible ******** are terrible because they hurt. I couldn't sleep through that.

Yeah, if a ******* puts you to sleep. You've got a keeper IMO.

Really? A good BJ always gets my full attention....

SettoFail 9

It probably didn't fit his needs like maybe she was going to slow and he got bored and dell asleep that doesn't mean she's necessarily terrible he probably just needs to say something.

Shelbyyyyyyy 4

Maybe you were just so good at it that he fell asleep from being so relaxed.

This; my boyfriend was happily drifting off once and didn't want me to stop! Some sexytime is ferocious, some isn't.

stevenJB 25

That or he passed put from too much excitement. If so I wish she was my gf