By Anonymous / Sunday 12 February 2012 04:52 / United States
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  theten_fml  |  9

That just happened to me! Except I'm the boyfriend and I didn't fall asleep. Sooooo.. Doesn't matter had sex.

  Kain713  |  14

Blowjobs are very relaxing, and since you're not physically active like during sex is pretty easy to fall asleep, especially if you're already tired.

  perdix  |  29

Getting a bad blow job is frightening and stressful. There's no way he could doze off if she sucked at it.

When you are getting terrible head, you are worried about physical injury and dreading the idea of trying to get her to stop without hurting her feelings.

  RaidenEl  |  5

Lol terrible head doesn't just mean..teeth..:S it could also be she's to slow/loose on the lip grip/not very into it and so on! Basically she boring orrrrrr he sleeps when pleasured xP

By  bethyc4  |  26

I learned its possible for guys to cum without anything coming out, he must have done that then passed out. OR... You're so use to cum you didn't notice when he was done lol if that's so I congratulate you on bein a pro man pleaser

  salsera13  |  7

You people are assholes. As well as completely stupid. It is possible for men to orgasm without ejaculating. It is also possible for them to ejaculate without orgasm. Go read a frickin book before you insult people's intelligence.

  bethyc4  |  26

Cuz the Internet loves to praise ignorant morons and insult logical intellect including this site. It's all about who can troll better and those 50+ that did thumbs down obviously don't know how to look something up before throwing out their ignorant insults and opinions

  bethyc4  |  26

That is really stupid thanks for helping to prove my point and the thumbs are supposed to be for the comments not the people. Way to not like someone you don't even know soo mature buddy ...so when does Darwinism kick in again??

  SettoFail  |  9

It probably didn't fit his needs like maybe she was going to slow and he got bored and dell asleep that doesn't mean she's necessarily terrible he probably just needs to say something.

  stevenJB  |  22

That or he passed put from too much excitement. If so I wish she was my gf

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