By damgoose - 15/06/2009 04:13 - United States

Today, while I was working in the liquor store, I was trying to impress my hot boss by lifting three cases of Grey goose. Turns out I can't, and I'll be working for the next two months of the rest of my summer paying it all back. FML
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..because lifting alcohol makes you seem cool

Way to go... Use your brain next time, not muscles ;)


Way to go... Use your brain next time, not muscles ;)

Godless25 0

thats crap, what u should do is leave the shit job that makes u pay for breaks...anyone whos worked in a liquor store will tell you the company replaces those for FREE...ask the **** why you had to pay for them

..because lifting alcohol makes you seem cool

lmao so since when is three cases of beer two months worth of wages

when those three cases of beer are in fact three cases of fancy vodka

Grey Goose is like...$60? I think around there.

And there's around 6-8 bottles in a case

dumbass she'd be more impressed if you worked smarter and did one case at a time again dumbass

YDI Showing off gets you nowhere, and usually makes you look like an idiot.

gingermonster16 0

What made you think that would be impressive?

get a better job that's not at a liquor store.

If I could click YDI more than once, I totally would XD

Wow! Lift some weights? Fyl! Ydi! Most of these are ydi , but get a better job.

good for you!!! SHOW-OFF!

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Trying to impress a girl like that hardly ever works... We can usually tell what you are trying to do and then we secretly laugh at you. YDI

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no you can't. so stop trying to act cool because you're really a stuck-up bitch who is probably a fat chick that even the most desperate guy wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole.

I have a feeling you've tried to impress a girl and been laughed at and now you're bitter...XD

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