By isuckasawaitress - 12/12/2011 17:08 - Singapore

Today, it was my first day at work as a waitress. The day ended with me owing my employers money, after I accidentally smashed an expensive bottle of wine on the floor. FML
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This could happen to everyone, but i do agree with you. Maybe you should try finding another job if that is an option. Not because you dropped something, but because your boss sounds like a douchebag. I'm also not sure if they can even make you pay for it. I know a few people that work as a waitress and they never payed for anything they dropped.

At least now they have a reason to keep you around! :D

Tell your boss you were christening the store

could be worse. You could for example have been punched by an old man in public

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There wouldn't be a problem if she was back in the kitchen

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It's your first day op accidents happen. Don't stress too much they know you were nervous

Exactly! A good friend of mine dropped a tray carrying $150.00 worth of seafood ON the table she was delivering it to on her first day! Talk about bad luck/timing right?! But, fortunately for her, the table she was serving gave her a $50 tip just because they saw how upset she was!..... on another note, FYL OP. It'll get better!

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That's why you're always extra cautious when serving expensive bottles or food...

Yep,common knowledge.Everyone knows that... *Slight sarcastic tinge to my voice,so you can't really tell whether I'm being sarcastic or not.*

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33- try common sense... Expensive shit is expensive.

Don't drop cheap bottles of wine either *slight tinge of pain in my voice so you can't really tell how far up my ass they shoved the stick*

I'm a gm at a bar, your bosses f***ed you, they could've easily written it up as spillage. What assholes!!!!!!! FYL!!!!!!! I bet you won't break another bottle though. Sorry but lol.

I don't know how it works in Singapore but where I worked, it was really up to the managers. Generally they went by circumstances and frequency. OP's boss might've felt that this was a good first day lesson to ensure she's extra careful from now on. There isn't a waitress around who hasn't screwed up at least once. Chalk it up to experience.

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MsJoyfull is right. I've worked in quite a few bars and restaurants from not so high class to super high class, never did any of them charge employees for spillage or breaks. They write it up as a common spillage and it's over and done with. Op's manager sounds like a common douche trying to get some extra pocket change.

It is illegal for them to make you pay for that just do u know

So your saying that I can break as much stuff as I want. As long as I work there? Sounds like a fun job.

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I work in human resources and it's illegal for your employers to deduct that out of your paycheck, they can fire you but they can't make you pay for the wine

And you r from Singapore or know how it works there?

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14- yes you can. everyone does it now days.

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Sure you can if you want to get fired

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Do more smart things and less dumb things. ^That's a quote from some speaker I had in class.

I don't understand why you would have to pay for a mistake or accident, these things happen. They can afford it but you probably can't.

when i used to be a waiter i used to drop stuff alot. it happens but the manager usualy writes it down and if you break stuff more than 5 times a day then you would have to pay for it.also i once dropped a £30 bottle of wine and nothing happend. you have to learn somehow. but i am from england so it may be different where op is from.