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  auriane_fml  |  19

This could happen to everyone, but i do agree with you. Maybe you should try finding another job if that is an option. Not because you dropped something, but because your boss sounds like a douchebag.
I'm also not sure if they can even make you pay for it. I know a few people that work as a waitress and they never payed for anything they dropped.

  MrsPegg  |  45

Exactly! A good friend of mine dropped a tray carrying $150.00 worth of seafood ON the table she was delivering it to on her first day! Talk about bad luck/timing right?! But, fortunately for her, the table she was serving gave her a $50 tip just because they saw how upset she was!..... on another note, FYL OP. It'll get better!

By  MsJoyfull  |  4

I'm a gm at a bar, your bosses f***ed you, they could've easily written it up as spillage. What assholes!!!!!!! FYL!!!!!!! I bet you won't break another bottle though. Sorry but lol.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

I don't know how it works in Singapore but where I worked, it was really up to the managers. Generally they went by circumstances and frequency. OP's boss might've felt that this was a good first day lesson to ensure she's extra careful from now on.

There isn't a waitress around who hasn't screwed up at least once. Chalk it up to experience.

  kathii01  |  20

MsJoyfull is right. I've worked in quite a few bars and restaurants from not so high class to super high class, never did any of them charge employees for spillage or breaks. They write it up as a common spillage and it's over and done with. Op's manager sounds like a common douche trying to get some extra pocket change.

By  atkir002  |  1

when i used to be a waiter i used to drop stuff alot. it happens but the manager usualy writes it down and if you break stuff more than 5 times a day then you would have to pay for it.also i once dropped a £30 bottle of wine and nothing happend. you have to learn somehow. but i am from england so it may be different where op is from.