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By  chessu  |  21

This definitely sucks, but at least you now have three extra months to find something! When you've got some kind of an income coming in, you'll probably a bit less stressed and that might aid you in the hunt for the next job! Also, you'll have three months of experience you can add to your CV, which might help you with your search, so definitely a silver lining here to look at!

By  GhostFox  |  33

Some studies show that after 6 months of unemployment your chances of being hired drops drastically, so while you have every right to be pissed at them for not disclosing that they are closing, it may help in the long run. Look into unemployment laws and see if you'll be eligible for unemployment after the mandatory wait time, and if so, get the paperwork for it done except for dates and have it ready to submit.

By  mariri9206  |  32

It's unfortunate but it's not all bad. You're gonna have three months of income. You can use these three months to look for another job. It's a job you can put on your resume (which is even better IF this is your first job because then you have some experience - even if it's minor - and that'll make it more likely to be hired again).

By  amb95x  |  17

OP, I know it's a shame but you now have something extra to put on your CV! Retail work is a great thing to have on your CV as well, as it's a huge industry so you could be more likely to get a job in the long run. I hope it works out for you

By  awesomeamandas  |  37

in my experience finding another job is actually easier if you already have a job verses not having a job. not sure why but it's been that way for me since I can remember. take the three months you have to continue looking for another job.