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In your province, OP, it is against the Employment Standards Act for your employer to not provide you a half hour break for each period of work in excess of 5 hours, unless your union has agreed to something else, or there was an emergency in your workplace. Your regional manager made a judgment based on a snapshot of your department. Yes, in a retail environment it looks awful to have employees sitting around doing nothing. Your RM probably also assumed that your management team obeys the law.


lmfaooo i couldnt take it i was going to write the same thing, you're like the voice of reason. you couldnt think of any other way to start off the sentence? Like "today, while working as a cashier..."


Much much? I hope I'm not the only one who thinks this way of asking " much?" is extremely annoying...

My first job was cashier at a big grocery store. It's an absolutely horrible job :( Get outta that position as soon as you can!

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