By Bob - 21/01/2010 13:33 - Canada

Today, I'm a cashier in a grocery store. The visiting regional manager tore me a new one for being lazy. His reason? After working a double shift with no break, I decided to sit down for a minute when things got slow. FML
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In your province, OP, it is against the Employment Standards Act for your employer to not provide you a half hour break for each period of work in excess of 5 hours, unless your union has agreed to something else, or there was an emergency in your workplace. Your regional manager made a judgment based on a snapshot of your department. Yes, in a retail environment it looks awful to have employees sitting around doing nothing. Your RM probably also assumed that your management team obeys the law. You should inform your RM that they don't.

today you're a cashier....what will you be tomorrow?!


today you're a cashier....what will you be tomorrow?!

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lmfaooo i couldnt take it i was going to write the same thing, you're like the voice of reason. you couldnt think of any other way to start off the sentence? Like "today, while working as a cashier..."

that's illegal in alberta you fool. you need a new job

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damn you I was just about to post that... great minds win though

um it isn't that big of a deal it isn't like being a cashier is really that hard

Your regional manager needs to learn and ask questions before making himself look like a douche.

Much much? I hope I'm not the only one who thinks this way of asking " much?" is extremely annoying...

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My first job was cashier at a big grocery store. It's an absolutely horrible job :( Get outta that position as soon as you can!

Slave drivers are like that. Next he'll be making you hold up the shop sign outside all day.

He probably didn't know you had been working that long, but he's a douche for assuming so quickly.