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Today, while I was substitute teaching a middle school class, a boy, named Chris, refused to get in the boy's line for the bathroom. After I had said, "Chris, what makes you think you're a girl?" in a very loud voice, one of the other students said "She is a girl." I've scarred a child for life. FML
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Lolz next FML "Today, I got fired from work for making a 5 year old sob uncontrollably"


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OP, why did the student answer his own question? And why did you say Chris was the teacher?

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"while substitute teaching a middle school class, a boy..."

I blame the parents. Having a child that looks like a boy, and naming it Chris. =/

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I did the same thing...I felt really bad after that... :/

I am a total wanker. Don't feel sorry for me, I deserve to be vilified and hated. Thank you for listening.

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53, it says "while I was...."

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There we go. The staff fixed 'em both now.

Eight moderated comments in a row! Is that a new record?

Three/six now. Comments not actually in reply to the thread they're in will be moderated :-)

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I think the mods should just edit the comment to something embarrassing or hilarious.

hahaha that'd be funny. like if someone says "first" & the mods moderate it to "I like corn." or something. hahahaha random

It's Chris's fault for looking like a guy

Terrible thing, having a boy and naming it chris. Your life sucks. The parents and their child should be sterilized so they don't produce anymore freaks.

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I agree with #73 the parents set her up for failure.

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Wow 139 if you are the girl in the front in your pic then I must say you are absolutely gorgeous! Goddamn!

well they mightve named her Christina or something and they nickname her Chris, thats what my friends mom wants us to call her, so it might or might not be their fault.

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I don't get says that OP was subing for A MIDDLE SCHOOL....I didn't know that you still had to line up to go to the bathrooms when you get into junior high....

I don't get says that OP was subing for a MIDDLE SCHOOL...I didn't know you still had to line up for the bathrooms once you get into junior high.

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Why would a middle school class still line up for the bathroom?

Yeah, it is sometimes. This same thing happened in my class in grade school except the boy looked like a girl. It was funny but I felt real bad for the kid. :

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#3, you're telling me you've honestly never seen a person (children included) that you honestly couldn't tell their gender?

As I was taking my daughter to class her friend that's a girl had a mohawk, baggy, ripped jeans and a really boy-ish shirt. She then said her mommy did it to her. Eeeyesh!

My mom had boy girl twins with my step dad, and now they're over a year olds, it still takes me a minute to tell them apart... granted, I live with my dad.

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where are the moderators when u actually want them?

Lolz next FML "Today, I got fired from work for making a 5 year old sob uncontrollably"

Lolz shit I didn't read that part :L what's middle school btw? I'm from Ireland :P

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In America, middle school is also known as junior high, the two years before high school. The average kid enters middle school at age 12 and graduates at 14.

34 - I thought the majority of schools had gone grades 6-9. Most were like what you said a couple centuries ago... so it's normally age 11-13 or 14.

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14- It's 3 years of school in where you usually go in at age (depending when you were born) 11 or 12 and then after those three years are up you go to grade 9

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my middle school was 4th thru 8th grades. so like ages 9 thru 14.

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where I live (southeast Texas) middle school and jr high are two different things. middle school is 5-6 grade and jr high is 7-8 grade.

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that's how it is in the virgin islands as well ^ it being two separate things

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in Canada jr high is grades 7 to 9 so ages 11/12 to 14/15. depends on when you were born.

In PA, JR. High is 7-9 and High School is 10-12.

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In MD, middle school is grades 6-8. I had no idea there was so much variation here.

middle school is the worst idea ever. middle schoolers start more drama than high schoolers because thats when mos of the girls start their puberty and all that crap.. btw, mine is like 7th and 8th grade

In Quebec we don't have middle school. We have Elementary (K through 6) and high school (7 through 11).

in massachusetts, my schools are elementary K-3, intermediate 4-6, middle 7-8, and high school 9-12

I was 9 in 6th grade which means I was young in middle school. :(

I was 9 in 6th grade which means I was young in middle school. :(

Middle school is normally grades 6-8, so they start at around 11 years old, and graduate at about 14.

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I went a huge school system so the grades were: Primary: K & 1st, Elementary: 2nd & 3rd, Intermediate: 4th-6th, Jr. High: 7th & 8th, and High School: 9th-12th!

In VA middle school is grades 7-8 and high school I'd grades 9-12

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Middle school= grades 6-8 (ages 11-14) Jr. high= grades 7-9 (ages 12-15)

I go to an american skool in china (shanghai) and it's like elementary 1-5 middle skool 6-8 and HS 9-12 GONNA B A FRESHMAN IN AUGUST WOOOOT.

in wales years 7 through to 11 are normally in the same school... **** we are weird :P

where I'm from its elementary 1-5 middle 6-8 and high school 9-12

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"There's a she-wolf in the closet." On a more serious note, you need some glasses, or maybe you just need to pay attention to your surroundings.

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there is a chance she really couldn't tell. I have had those kind of adults come threw my drive threw. :(

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I need some more clarity on this. Call me crazy, but what exactly is a "drive THREW"? Please don't yell at me if I'm the only who doesn't know this.

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My name is Michael and I was always yelled at by subs during roll call for lying.:( If she's anything like me she'll just think you're a douche and move on. No permanent trauma.:)

Really? And what did you throw at them?

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Did not mean to post my comment here.:(

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* come through my drive-through

#57, it can be drive-through and/or drive-thru. Both are fine.

17: I'm kinda surprised people don't realize that Michael was originally a girl's name. It was used for a female in the Bible, anyway. Do people ever pronounce it as Michelle? I like Michael much better than Michelle. I knew a girl named Ryan once. I like that too.

15 its where you get your food at fast food restaurants so you don't have to get out of your car

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#76, I know. I was Grammar Naziing. Couldn't you tell?

76 - No that's a drive-through. I'm not sure anyone knows what a drive-threw is.

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It really is, pendatik. Some people just don't get sarcasm or Grammar Nazism. It's okay though. I feel sorry for them and hope that one day, they will see the light.

I, for one, am more than slightly disturbed. Quitely disturbed, even. =

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I knew 2 guys named Shannon and Stacy. also, Tyler that was a girl.

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there's a girl in my math class named Devon

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@irishjanedoe: They always pronounce it correctly them look up at me and start muttering "Michelle, Mitchell, Mik....?"  My husband's name is Shannon, which only stands to further confuse people, but we don't mind.:)

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I once knew a male named Ashley, and a female named Mark. Eh, go fig.

MICHAL was the woman in the Bible. Not Michael.

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That's still the origin of the name, the spelling has just been altered for pronunciation. It's actually Mī'chal.

I went to school with a girl named Kyle.

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You shouldve just let her be, Im not sure someone would go in the wrong bathroom line for the fun of it...

What the ****, are you serious? I agree with #8, glasses for sure. And maybe for someone to knock some knowledge into your pathetic head. Can't believe you got a teaching career, pfft.