By bkeiya - 08/04/2009 12:49 - Japan

Today, I saw my train pulling in to the station. I sprinted up the stairs and luckily made the train. I looked around and no one was in my compartment. I began to notice that the train was heading down some tracks I'd never been too. I got stuck on an empty train for 3 hours in the train garage. FML
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There's always one that feels the need to re-word the FML from another point of view

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almost happened to me plenty of times.


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WHOOO 1st comment :] sucks for you. should have been there on time :]

sh** I would of been pooing myself D:

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so, wat did u do while u waited? o.O nvm don't wanna know

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almost happened to me plenty of times.

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Aw baby I'm so sorry :[ How did you get out?

happened to me too :( except I begged the conductor and they threw me out, lol

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I think that's FTrainOperator for opening the doors on an out-of-service train.

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You should have called the people at the station.