Oh the times, they are a-changin'

By toelie - 06/11/2017 22:00

Today, as two of my students walked into my classroom, I said, "Hi, ladies". One of them screamed at me: "Did you just assume my gender?!" FML
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"Absolutely. Please feel free to politely correct me. It certainly looks better for you than if you were so disrespectful as to yell at me."

The comments are getting a little out of hand so I'm stepping in! Whether or not you like it, many people now see a difference between sex (anatomical) and gender (social). If you feel compelled to comment on the issue, please be kind to each other. Thanks!


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That's great but as you pointed out, your gender isn't visible. If you look like a man, and I greet you as a man, it's not okay to scream at me that you don't feel like a man, because I CANT SEE FEELINGS. It's impossible to not assume a gender/sex because by and large most people identify as one or the other. If I am corrected, I will use desired pronouns, but expecting people to just KNOW what you are is stupid.

Bullshit. There are only TWO genders. MALE = You have a dick. FEMALE = You have a PUSSY.

Ok Ghostfox follow this train of thought and maybe you will understand my point (I know you will disagree with it but hey) Do you have a penis? Yes you are male. Do you have a ******? Yes, you are female. Do you have both? Rare but yes you are a Hermaphrodite. All of these things are ok and if you are not happy with what you have you can change. That’s ok too, whatever makes you happy. So yeah you are one of the 3. The other genders are all just bullshit names people give themselves to make them feel special. Gender dysphoria is a thing. All of these other “genders” fall into that. But it is a mental condition that doesn’t change your gender no matter how much you want it to.

True. But usually a hermaphrodite is found out at birth. Then the parents decide if they want a boy or a girl. And then surgery to get rid of one or the other body parts is performed. Hormone treatment is done as well. From then on, the child is either known as male or female. I suppose there are parents who don't do that. But before all this: "I identify as a...." bullshit, it was even more rare than the existence of hermaphrodites.

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Rather than resorting to calling me a bigot or insisting I educate myself why not counter my point with actual examples? My points still stand. Your biological sex (legal sex) is your gender. It might not feel like yours but it’s ok to change that if you feel so strongly about it. Not to mention I did say I don’t agree with this “I identify” bullshit. This is because I could identify as a lesbian black woman. Doesn’t make me one. Not until surgery makes me one. So if someone identifies as the opposite gender to what they are but are not willing to change it by surgery then yeah I say it’s bullshit attention seeking. When you have had as much real world experience as me you may see this too. Please give me some examples in your reply and don’t use the standard snowflake response when faced with logic of “you wouldn’t understand” or the I’m not arguing with a bigot line simply because you can’t back up the claim they are not the 3 genders I said in my op and the rest are just a diluted name change of the 3 that fall under a mental condition or at worst an attention seeking idiot who’s trying to feel special when in fact they are just ordinary.

Theres only two genders. The both thing is a genetic mistake

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So are people with torretes a mistake? It's a thing that happens in life, and you can't change it. People with a penis and ****** are real people too, even if there is something different about their body.

A physical thing that happens though so it needed a name and if not corrected needed a gender name but otherwise I agree. You do find though that people who are born with both tend to pick one of the other two.

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Calling someone the wrong pronoun is not discrimination. Not hiring them is. Huge difference. Though I have seen you post on topics like this all the time pushing some agenda. I am guessing you are a snowflake Lib who worries more about the feelings of others than facts and reality. And made look at research from both sides instead of just sticking with one side. You are just as bad as those you belittle. There is plenty of research that shows the gender fluid is just a made up thing. Trans is real, fine. Gender fluid is something made up in the past two decades.

And high end of the Asperger's spectrum? You do realize Asperger's is the high end of Autism. There is no Asperger's spectrum. Trust me, I have it and have never met a psychiatrist or psychologist go ever say it is a spectrum. Are you sure you didn't self diagnosis?

I agree with Leeono. You could "identify" any way you want, but what is in between your legs (and maybe on the chest) as well as your brain chemicals and hormones and how your body functions are all your legal gender. It's not that hard. I may not know a lot of stuff, but I am good at science (especially the human body.). I wonder of you can get a book on the endocrine and reproductive systems.

My brother is a part of the LGBT and finds this crap to be exactly that - crap.

As a person who identifies as an attack helicopter, I find this thread offensive.

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Get help for you mental problems!

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There is NO difference between gender and sex! It is one and the same! If you have a penis you are male, if you have a ****** you are female, I don't care what your misguided mental health issues tell you!

"Absolutely. Please feel free to politely correct me. It certainly looks better for you than if you were so disrespectful as to yell at me."

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And that's when you send them to the principal for raising their voice to a person of authority. Teach the brat respect.

Kids these days - I would have said: “did you just yell at me? You could politely correct me instead of yelling like a little girl ... oh I’m sorry.” Meh ... sometimes I should be around people.

Shouldn’t ... shoulda been shouldn’t

I feel like most of the time people say this as of late, it's meant to be a joke.

The fact that she screamed it at OP, means that she DISRESPECTED her teacher. Joke or not, consequences MUST be taken.

Oh yes, of course, it doesn't excuse their behavior but a lot of the comments are talking about this as if it reflects on all the "special snowflakes". I'll admit, people are way too easily offended lately but it's like, I...I THINK THIS particular person was just a kid doing a dumb joke.

So guess respect for your elders is a time of the past and your feefees are more important? Lord, society is in trouble. Surr Trans people have been around, though a very tiny percent of the gay community, which is a small percent of the world population, but it is trendy now to think you are a different gender based on how you feel that day. There is a difference between Trans people, who are Trans and will never be the gender they want to be at the automatic level, but this gender fluid is a joke, and not a funny one.

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First you’re wearing a hoodie and now you pull this kind of shit, greeting your students?!

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