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Boobs can make men stupid, i think its in our DNA or something. And maybe see if you can bounce things off his junk and see how excited he is about it? :p

Just treat it as a compliment that you have bouncy boobs


Boobs can make men stupid, i think its in our DNA or something. And maybe see if you can bounce things off his junk and see how excited he is about it? :p

No amount of words could ever express how appropriate your picture is for your comment.

Boys will be boys.*sigh*

and men will be men.

And zombies will be zombies.

And that's the end of that

Don't go in the army really bad choice

And how does the army have any relevance?

my best guy friend started poking mine once out of nowhere. when I asked what he was doing his response was "it's squishy"

I assume 53 is talking to me, and has a reading problem im already in the army.

I'm going into the Army. Canadian Infantry or Combat engineers. It will be the best cjoice of my life... As the saying goes: "my life is my God, My country, My corps." Hooah, and stay safe man.

86 - No, he was talking about OP going to the army. He is implying all the guys in the army don't have better things to do but, to bounce things off OPs tits.

Read his profile it talks about going in the military

It's funny how 45's picture goes great with this FML (even though theyre not exactly bouncing stuff off)

Id love my girl bouncing little things off of my dong. Depending on wat it is and how hard

If by "things" you mean OP's boobs and boo-tay, I'm thinkin' boyfriend will be plenty excited. Alas, I know that is not what you meant by "things". :(

My bad accidentally hit thumbs down.

Just treat it as a compliment that you have bouncy boobs

Ahem (second time doing this on the second comment of an FML in two days) *derp voice* YaY!!! B0oBiEs *eye twitches at himself*

pics/video? I demand evidence!

Throw a half brick at his penis to see if it bounces off.

Ahhh brasketball the sport of kings

I remember hearing about it on Bearenstein bears when I was little... Does that count?

I'd do the same thing if I were him.

As would i, but that makes us immature, but what guy wouldn't?

I'm not a guy though. I'm just a chick who likes boobs. :P

61- Nothing wrong with that. Boobs can be equally fun for all, for a variety of reasons. And I was starting to wonder when we'd all get together again over the topic of boobs and restate how nice they are. ;p

I've been wondering for quite a while if there is any other thing in the world that is so basically useless (unless you're feeding a kid) and yet so well loved, obsessed over, talked about, fought about, and found use for than boobs?

100- Well....uh....religion? (Didn't say Believing in a higher power was useless, but tell me there's anything else in the world that people debate over, fight over and obsess over more than their concept of a God) (Edit: This is so getting moderated...)

Well that's just pure talent.

Come on people. Have a sense of humor. I am joking. Y'all are too serious!

I thumbed you up, it does take some talent to master this particular skill.

Just throw stuff at his penis every time he looks away:)

But it wont bounce off of it plus i don't think that could count as payback, as i'm sure he wouldn't mind it unless it was a heavy object of sorts.

Why would his penis be I could see her boobs being out (as in cleavage) from a low cut shirt. But... I would hope her bfs penis is not constantly out to throw things at...hahaha otherwise they have a problem.

I am surprised you couldn't feel them hit.

I'm pretty sure she felt them considering she knew it was happening when she looked away. Unless, of course, she has eyes elsewhere.

Yeah, you're right.

So then tell him I know that you like bouncing small things off my boobs, but I don't like you bouncing your small penis off my boobs

What does his dick have to do with this?

... To far Candice .. To far

47 - you're 21 years old and don't know the difference between 'to' and 'too'? Really??

56, you're 25 years old and you don't know better than to correct someone's grammar on the internet? What is wrong with you? :o

Wow 56.. Just.. WOW.. I apologize in the biggest apologies if my writing made you so angry you had to waste 10 seconds of your life.. This is how Many fucks I give---> 0

Put on a sweater or something so it doesn't bounce as well.. He will get bored and stop.

Shouldn't have to. He should be mature enough to handle himself.

Refer to comment #1 "boobs can make men stupid." I have dated guys with university degrees yet they still find my boobs fascinating lol. I have just learned to live with it.

Well, I don't think you've told him not to. He must've thought you didn't mind after the first time.

Or he knows she doesn't like it hence why he waits for her to turn her head away to bounce said objects

he probably waits till she turns her head so that she doesn't try to block it from hitting her boobs.