By luciaspiano - 05/02/2010 00:47 - United States

Today, I was riding a bus. After having a conversation with my friend, I looked down and saw a little boy looking at me. He asked, "Are you a boy or a girl?" As if that wasn't bad enough, when I responded that I was a girl, he said, "Oh. So, why do you have a boy voice then?" FML
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Should have told him it was your punishment for eating little kid's souls and then bite in his direction.

Punch him in the face and ask why he cries like a girl.


idontfml 0

i find girls with boy voices sexy

do you have a thing for transexuals also?

MissyWissyKach 0

so when i was in the third grade my mom was cutting my hair got distracted and cut my hair above my ears, my boobs hadnt developed yet so people were asking me am i a boy or a girl, and i didnt sound like a girl either i sucked it up in the third grade and ur like 20 so suck it up

I like a deep voice on a girl too

janise 2

This isn't much of an FML however there's a difference between being mistaken for a boy in 3rd grade and when you're an adult.

fuck off u were in 3rd grade noone cares

Oh what, your boobs hadn't developed yet when you were in the third grade? Daaaaaaaamn.

@idontfml you must be gay

In the third grade no one gives a fuck i bet ur classmates dont even remember now

ambrz 0

a little make up and some extensions can do wonders ;)

A little tact and respect can do wonders.

mmm I have this guy friend who looks like a girl.. the lady who operates the drinks station at our college cafeteria would greet him as "little sis/miss"

wazdog 4

Maybe you just like boys. (replying to #1)

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this only means you can sing alto, which is good

sapranos better...

you shouldve said he was adopted. nothing feels better than making children cry.

you should have told him that the late, great Barry White was your father.

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u want to be boy... admit it ...c'mon.

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that really sucks because your voice is something that is almost impossible to change. Clothing, hair, body, face - those are all changeable in some way or another, but your voice stays for life. FYL.

I could try straight fist punching the OP's throat. That might fix it. Either way, it'll be a good laugh.

14 - you are a dipshit

Sero is awesome.

Should have told him it was your punishment for eating little kid's souls and then bite in his direction.

Oh hell, that would've been pure win #13. And to the OP, bit of a butch, are we ? Well, if it was only your voice and it wasn't terribly bad, that wouldn't be too disastrous.

Haha two thumbs up! That's what I would do