By mayerstexmex69 - 08/11/2012 15:52 - Canada - Hamilton

Today, while in class, I was called down to the office. The principal showed me a video of 2 guys fighting in the school parking lot. I'm accused of being one of those guys. I'm a girl. FML
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PleaseStayChill 9

Shave your head, grow out your 'stache, and embrace your masculinity.

tell him "nah ain't me, but ill whip both these *******"


Wow that must of been awkward to tell the principal.

Yeah it was probably awkward for the principal...

OP just has some pipes, nothing to be ashamed of ;)

theHIGHroad2 5

Well Op, Man up and tell him You ARE in fact a girl, show him if you have.. But that would be awkward though.

But 51, I don't think she wants to man up. I mean, she's already been mistaken for a guy.

You never know. Maybe she had a sudden She's The Man Amanda Bynes moment and showed them the goods.

PleaseStayChill 9

Shave your head, grow out your 'stache, and embrace your masculinity.

U_GotitDude 18
tj5810 21

No one said shit about her being fat...

Maybe get a goatee for the full effect!

tell him "nah ain't me, but ill whip both these *******"

I don't think that's the best approach as fighting seems to be serious at OPs school.

Pretty sure she'd get in trouble just for saying that to the principal...

loserboii 11

He's likely just jealous of your manly scaping while he looks like a girl.

LiterOfCola 16

Scaping makes me think of runescape. Lol

mduffy08 8

Whoa whoa whoa, if he wants to spend hours upon hours chopping down trees to get his skill to 99... Then lol you are gay!

ninjacow123 6

Well the principal is homosexual

Loserboii- you're slowly becoming my favorite commenter. LoL

Ouch... Sorry. Maybe now's the time to wear lots of pink?

CheeseTron 15

Then they'll just think he's gay.

gree_fml 11

Then people would just think "he" likes to wear pink. At least others would be less surprised if they see "him" dating a guy

Because all men that wear pink are gay, right? Well, time to label every NFL player down as queer.

Boys wear pink to! But she could wear frilly stuff. Most guys don't wear that.

Although I appreciate your kind words, I feel obliged to correct you. It's "you're" not "your". Also, it's "feet" the plural of foot not "feets". Now, I feel better.

Marrach 7

I'm pretty sure they know this.. Its the virtual world, not college essays, no one gives a shit about grammar... If you can atleast read it, quit correcting. I just felt the authority of pointing that out.

#16: I don't care about the your, you're correction. However Twinkiefeets is his name. Based on your logic, we should start calling you Rocket Ship, Road Sweeper, or Room Service.

unknown_user5566 26

19- How does one "feel the authority", exactly?


unknown_user5566 26

Pleonasm, your answer sounds like something someone would do on the show "Cops". I can picture the suspect interview now: "Yeah man, I just wanted to know what authority felt like... so I grabbed his ass! Damn it feels good to be in charge!"

"Hey that's no service pistol, that's my long arm of the law you're copping a feel at! Don't make me get out my night-stick and force you into submission."

16--Twinkiefeets is a nickname my grandfather gave me but I'll change that just for you. Get a life-fml is about fun, not English class.

yessy729 0

I hope you have a boy cut.. Or else this would be extremely awkward

I'm sorry for the gender confusion. I hate drive thrus for the same reason.

gczizza1997 15

Sorry op that sucks, I hope you called the principle out on his mistake and watched his expression turn to complete embarrassment

And you wondered why the principal said one of you fought like a girl. I hope he thought you were the winner at least.