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Today, I tried to stop a teenage boy from entering the woman's bathroom. When he argued with me I had him thrown out. Turns out, according to their parents and driver's license, it was a girl. FML
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why would you argue with someone about THEIR gender???

More like f- the chick who got mistaken for a dude-'s life.


I think it's legal for any gender to go into any bathroom, at least in the US (probably because of issues like this). Therefore, you deserve it, op.

Man, the ladies room is NOT cleaner. I used to be a janitor at a high end grocery store in high school, and there would be shit caked onto the walls in women's rooms, as well as used tampons strewn around. Disgusting.

Umm 59 that's completely false let me explain the #1 reason why- women are vulnerable to sexual assault and any female activist group would never allow men to have the ability to legally enter a ladies restroom. Men caught in a female restroom can be arrested. Consider would you want a perv entering the restroom where your 10 year old daughter was?

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So his comment was higher in the list. xp

54 57 because I didn't elaborate enough, I'm sorry I'm not 'perfect' like you two.

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Gotta agree with 78, men's bathrooms may have pee and toilet paper on the flor, but women's bathrooms have shit, blood, piss, toilet paper, used tampons and used pads on floors, walls toilet seats....

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What is a 'high end grocery store'?

all the women in women activist groups are ugly. just sayin'.

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I work at a restaurant and I promise that normally the mens room is way dirtier

Evilpotato: That doesn't answer my question.

69- I think the saying is you can't assume with out making an ass out of you and me (ass-u-me)

What kind of bathrooms are you going into?

But what if the kid identified as female? What right does the OP have to tell him/her s/he doesn't have the right to use the bathroom according to his/her identified gender?

@97 - You've never heard of an upscale grocery store (AKA gourmet food store)? Like Dean & DeLuces...

actually the ladies room is 50x more disgusting than the mens room. men are just in and out. woman take their time and dilly dally around and don't clean up after themselves because there are other people to do that for them. they don't like getting their hands dirty.

Don't worry EvilPotato; I'm on your side. Let the 'thumbs down' begin.

God, that's retarded. Are you aware that the overwhelming majority of sexual assault is committed by someone the victim knows? Cases of some perv snooping in the bathroom are so rare it's not even an issue. Besides, the perv could just as easily be a member of the same sex, so what would you do about that? It's much better to just teach your children about appropriate touching, and making sure they tell an adult if something goes wrong. The sooner we get over this mentality, the better.

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I believe this is kind of the reason OP posted this, yeah?

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Oh I hate it when you can't tell if someone's a boy or girl! I'm sorry OP.

Yeah, my brother has really long wavy hair and people mistake him for a girl all the time. It's like the sister I never had.

can't people just tell by the adams apple?

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Some girls look like they have an Adams apple.

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If you have a glandular problem your Adams apple is more pronounced.

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If they're fat then there will be no visible Adams apple either way. Just another chin...:)

Not all men have a large rather noticeable Adams apple either it's hit or miss especially if they have yet hit puberty

-40 what about the boobs??? Isn't that a bit important in identifying someone's gender??

Boobs can be late in developing, or the poor girl might be flat chested with nothing to show up there.. face it there are people out there for which gender is not readily apparent.

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I'm Indian and my bro used to have long hair that went into a bun on top of his head, and when he was a kid he was always told to get out of the boys room and use the girls restroom. Its soo frustrating to watch

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That's a bucketful of awksauce...

I remember one time our teacher told this guy off for not sitting boy girl boy girl.. And he was like, "I'm a girl." literally the most awkward thing.

More like f- the chick who got mistaken for a dude-'s life.

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Meh. She'll get over it. I did when it happened to me. It'll just be a funny story.

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Today, I was walking into a restroom when a woman tried stop me. I kept going but she forced me to leave. She thought I was a boy going into the wrong restroom. FML

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Hmmm I wonder if this is the same chick got kicked in the crotch because the girl thought it was her ex-boyfriend :O

why would you argue with someone about THEIR gender???

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16: But they were a girl anyway, and probably told OP that repeatedly.

You don't realize how many people have a fetish like that...

Watch dem pee eng iz da funnist thang I dou on bore-ud days, naw meeen dis shyt b crakin

87- still trying to make sense of this comment....

I think 87 just short-circuited my brain...

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My two cents are... 87 is what we in the business call *pro troll*

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aye, I've had furries contact me for commissions. there are some ****** up fetishes out there I won't touch with a 10 foot pole. e-e

its not disturbing, its nature, more people than you think have that as a secret fetish that nobody knows of because they feel like their being judged. I myself don't have this fetish but know a ton of people who do.

Im a girl and get mistaken for a guy all the time :/ it sucks...

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Maybe you should've asked for I.D first?

You shouldn't need an ID to go to the bathroom. =/

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How did you manage to screw up that?

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And if this thing was a ginger, we have an expert who can expound on the topic.

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76- I think Perdix was referring to ikickgingers.