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Today, while going around trying to find a job, a manager came up to ask me, "Are you looking to work here?" I nodded happily, hoping this would be the end of my search. She looked me up and down, saw I had a jacket on to hide my tattoos and said, "Sorry, I can't hire heroin addicts." FML
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Stereotypical much? Wow, that would be a shitty manager to work for...

ramboman19 8

That is rude for her to assume you're a drug addict because of tattoos. Some tattooed people I know are the nicest and best workers ever.


Im presuming OP explained she was covering tattoos and it turned out ok? :P May have got the job, and that boss :P

BelleBelle_fml 11

15- What part of, "Sorry, I can't hire a heroin addict." made you presume it turned out ok and OP might have gotten the job?

xDefendPopPunkx 14

Agreed 9. What's the point of working for someone who is so close minded. Associating heroin with a jacket and tattoos is pretty bad. What's wrong with tattoos anyway?

cptmorgan6 8

Well, I guess that's a sign to stop shooting up.

9-In this economy,people can't really afford to be picky about who they work for

OP did you then walk into a hotel and get accused of being a prostitute as well?

OP was wearing a jacket to hide their tattoo, the manager couldn't even see it. If OP was wearing an old scruffy jacket and maybe looked unkempt the manager probably assumed the worst (which was completely wrong of them). Point I'm trying to make is that it was jacket = heroin addict, not tattoo.

ReynshineCutting 10

43- There's nothing "wrong" with tattoos, but they do look unprofessional if you have big/brightly colored/many of them. If a business wants to maintain a professional appearance, lots of visible tattoos are definitely a no when hiring.

24, the part where OP went "Haha no no, i was simply covering my tattoos because they are unprofessional, look, no needle marks" Oh well. I can handle -19 thumbs :(

xDefendPopPunkx 14

Very true 88. It is important to maintain a professional appearence (that's why you get tattoos you can cover up), but some people still see somebody with even smaller tattoos and mark them as a "punk" or a "trouble maker". Those are the people I don't understand.

n_epic_fail 14

I hate stereotypical people. sucks OP

because calling random people on the internet a dumb ass makes you look so smart in comparison. Seriously, surely all OP had to do was explain why they had a jacket on, and the employer would have had to admit they jumped to conclusions presuming the jacket was the hide needle scars, and perhaps consider OP.

xoconnie 8

uhh how and why would she just jump to that conclusion b/c u had a jacket on.... u must have looked pretty f'ed up dude.

maybe the whole august in Texas wearing a jacket thing didn't seem right to the manager?

Stereotypical much? Wow, that would be a shitty manager to work for...

olpally 32

Yeah no kidding... What a bitch... That sucks op...

Sunny_Eclipse 6

I hate stereotypes. Especially when they hurt other people. She probably is a haughty little bitch, that manager.

crazychick1269 7

I can bet you money she had a tat


That's profiling and profiling is wrong.

ramboman19 8

That is rude for her to assume you're a drug addict because of tattoos. Some tattooed people I know are the nicest and best workers ever.

Same here, I know a disability worker and he has lots of tattoos

BelleBelle_fml 11

Agreed. I don't have any but I love them. Although some are done poorly or are just plain trashy. But it's still no excuse to discriminate against people that have them. Someone could have the absolute worst tattoo ever but be the best worker and bring in the most money for a company.

zona117 0

I think the manager thought that the jacket OP was wearing was hiding injection marks from heroin use not because of the tattoos.

Or she didn't actually mention that the manager saw the tattoos. It was the fact that she was wearing a jacket. She just mentioned to us 'FML I was just covering tattoos.'

denvan 0

You should've told her you had high standards anyways

That's rude to judge people by their appearances, but oh well it happeneds all the time

Then again, tattoos aren't solely appearance, they are a choice. Judging people by how they choose to look is rather standard and acceptable.

judging people by anything other than their actions is stupid and ignorant.

sxe_beast 11

Wouldn't covering your body with tattoos be considered an action? Action as defined by the dictionary: The fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim. Or An act that one consciously wills and that may be characterized by physical or mental activity. People have every right to judge someone based on their tattoos. They characterize the person wearing them. You're not born with tattoos... A person chooses to mutilate themselves when getting tattoos.

140 - It's not "mutilating". Tattoos in many people's eyes are pieces of art. If they're done right, there aren't too many visible ones and they're not vulgar or distracting in any way, what's the problem? Seriously, it's just coloured skin - natural or not. Tattoos do NOT portray any signs of deviance or unprofessionalism in my eyes... I'd hire someone with tasteful tattoos provided they met the qualifications and communicated with customers properly and professionally. I used to work at a place that hired a girl who had tri-coloured (read: red, bleached white and blue) hair, and multiple tattoos all the way up her arms. Did customers judge her? Sometimes. Did the managers? Not at all... because she proved she was the best employee in the whole damn store, which goes to show you appearance really doesn't play a factor in how well a person functions or works. /rant over

sxe_beast 11

In my opinion it is mutilation. You're disfiguring/making your skin imperfect permanently. There are some tasteful tattoos, sure... But when a majority of your body is covered in tattoos I find it disgusting. I also find an excessive amount of piercings to be unattractive. How is covering your body in "art" not deviance? People are purposely doing this with the intent to live outside of social norm. If someone had a large visible amount of tattoos, tricolored hair, excessive piercings, etc. my father would not allow them to work for his company. The OP obviously failed to look professional enough for the manager. Maybe they should go apply for the sewage company or be a waste collector.

161 - Majority of your body covered, yes. I can see that. An excessive amount of anything is off-putting and in some cases, kind of gross. We're not back in the '80s where everyone was getting a tattoo to be different, by the way. People are doing it now because they want to express themselves or, in the case of stupid-looking tattoos, because they're idiots and think it looks "so sick, yo". That's your father. That's not ALL businesses. Not all professional businesses operate the same... yes, there's a guideline, but not all of them care enough to follow it if the potential employee is worth it (i.e. they can sell and/or do their job well). The OP was wearing a jacket which I don't really see as unprofessional. Perhaps her hair was messy or she was wearing too much makeup... but if she was wearing a decent looking jacket I don't see the problem. The manager had no reason to suspect she was a heroin addict or anything of the short; she was definitely in the wrong there. It is a little weird for someone to be wearing a jacket at this time of year, but maybe it wasn't a heavy fall jacket. Maybe it was a cardigan she called a jacket; I do that sometimes. I call things jackets for simplicity when really they're a hoodie, sweater or something else like that. Waste collection is not the only job for a tattooed person. I posted on this FML to someone else listing a few jobs (trust me, there are more) which qualify as REAL jobs, that accept tattoos.

Celfyndel 16

Tattoos are a form of art. Mutilation is a very negative word to describe them.

182 - True. When I think of the word mutilating, I think self-harm, scarification or circumcision (to some people). But that's for another time...

161- don't be such a dick to people with tatoos its a self choice. and puting then in ovious places the peope know they will get juged by people like you. it is being an individual and makeing choices that you want and excepting others belefes on it but there is no need to be so unkind

sxe_beast 11

Its also a self choice for employers not to hire people who cover themselves in "art".

215-I am a NANNY and i love tattoos and plan on having some at some point (as in, the near future). The mother knows that and is still fine with me taking care of her kids all day, because I'm GOOD at it. People (like you) who judge people based on their style choices ruin a lot of perfectly good environments. I'd also like to point out that both my parent have tattoos and I think they did a damn fine job raising me. My mother is a vice principal, too. And you fail. That is all :)

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What the **** is so funny about that?

I don't know if "bewhaha" is a laugh. It reminds me of 'Nam...

Lemme guess anonny. First time on the Internet? Bewhaha

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Some people don't know they're being ignorant until it comes back and bites them in the ass!

Talk about judging a book by it's cover!