By Charlie8u347 - United States

Snow day

Today, I was told to shovel four inches of snow from my driveway. I had to get the snow shovel from the rafters of my garage, and there were other tools with it. As I was yanking the shovel down, a pickax fell and smashed through the back window of my dad's Buick. FML
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  boatkicker  |  4

If you're getting multiple feet of snow it's easier to shovel 4 inches, then another 4 in a few hours, then another four a while after that, etc. I hate shoveling a few feet all at once for the whole length of my driveway. I'd rather do a little then rest then more. Usually I do it at about 6 inches though.

By  nighthawk_wizzle  |  0

four inches is a decent amount of snow, but u should have been careful and you should have been prepare...winter comes the same time every year and thus your shovel should be ready to go