By Nick - United States
Today, I found my truck broken into. Whoever broke in ripped my dash apart, and the stupid idiot couldn't get the radio out. So now I have a trashed truck interior, and the moron has nothing to show for it. He did leave behind his Subway wrapper though. FML
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Exactly, although I wouldn't call it karma. People that dumb don't stay free for long. My boyfriend has had his car broken into twice; the first time the guy did the same thing and unsuccessfully tried to pry the stereo from the dash, rendering it useless and ultimately leaving with little more than some change and some pens from his work apron. The second time, the guy succeded but shortly after posted the stereo on craigslist, where my boyfriend found it and arranged to meet him at his house where a few cop were waiting to arrest him. Don't worry OP, he'll get his, it's just a matter of when, not if.

By  ramboman19  |  8

I got food poisoning way bad from Subway. Maybe wish the same on him??? Lol. Nahhh I wouldn't wish that on anyone. That sucks about your dash. At least the thief didn't get a hold of your radio lol. FYL