By Bubbah - 15/03/2009 04:32 - United States

Today, I was working my job checking people in at the gym. A sweaty, chubby woman came up to me complaining about how our staff seems so fit. I replied, "We like to hire people who have bodies that motivate our clients!" She gave a blank stare, then said, "So how did you get the job?" FML
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"Perhaps their only other option looked like you, ma'am."


what #1 said....jealous, insecure, mean bitch :)

"Perhaps their only other option looked like you, ma'am."

Or "Can't you figure that out yourself? I got the job because I'm fit. Not only are you fat, but you're stupid as well." Then get fired but have a great story. Also, punch her in the gut for good measure.

Or "I'm sorry, Do I sense some jealousy? Oh wait, Its written all over your ugly face bitch" And the punch would make it perfect.

Well, not everybody has to be skinny, you know

she's just mean bitch, forget about her.

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Wow that was low of her. And why would she complain? I'm over weight and working on it and its true the fit people around motivate me if I saw me sitting behind the counter I'd think wow this won't work

fat people's opinions don't matter dude.

Wow she's obviously jealous. Maybe she should look at the staff and be like "I'm going to work to look like that" instead of taking low stabs at you. Sorry that really sucks =(

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What the commenters here obviously aren't getting is the fact that the sweaty, chubby woman was sweaty because she had just finished exercising. The person making the complaint here was sitting on his/her butt behind a desk. And you have no idea what kind of body shape the poster has. It's really quite possible s/he isn't all that fabulous, either. At least the fat woman was making an effort to improve herself.

the OP wasnt sitting at the desk to be lazy that was their job and even if the OP is fat they might be working out during their off hours

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And his job is to check people in... Meaning the lady should only come to him when she's entering the gym

In which case then #10, she definitely deserved it!