By stalker - 27/09/2009 17:24 - United States

Today, I had a restraining order put on me. I have apparently been following a woman's daughter home after she leaves track practice and parking my car outside their home. I'm a math teacher at the school and leave everyday at 4:30. I have lived across the street for the past six years. FML
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So I can get a restraining order on whoever I want for whatever reason and they won't even bother to investigate or hold a court? Awesome!

how far away is the restraint saying yo stay away?


ouch man that sucksssss

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The courts won't issue a restraining order unless they have a good reason, so i call bs.

Maybe they didn't issue it yet...maybe the woman just requested one? I don't understand his wording...I guess.

Good reason is: my minor daughter is being followed home by some creepy man who parks on the street outside our house.

Yea but it's outside HIS house too. There's no way that anyone is so stupid (even in america) that they would issue a restraining order in that situation. I call bs, also.

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You guys are good. Every time I come to the site close to the time the FML shows up so I can annoy people by screaming "FIRST" there is always someone to post before me. You have to show up like the exact second it gets put on the page to do it.

alright that kinda gay

Yeah nobody likes that guy, turd

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i remember a few fml's being veryy similar to this.

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Deja vu

There's been two similar posts on FML just this year about people being accused of stalking, but they just live nearby... (search for 'restraining order' on FML). Paranoid America.

You bought the house across the street and became a math teacher at her school just so you could stalk her better? WOW, you are serious. I hope she appreciates you. Track practice? Sexy. Reminds me of a joke. What's the difference between a girls' track team and a tribe of Pygmies? One's a bunch of cunning runts. . .

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You, plexico, have officially earned 100% of my respect. Congratulations!

This is extremely win, plex. Extremely win.

Finally some intelligence! LOL!

Ahaha. Good ol' Plexi.

how far away is the restraint saying yo stay away?

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wasn't there a fml on this already?

they wouldnt put a restraining order on unless they know the circumstances of both people.. probably fake

FireFlie07 20

I'm from Illinois, the cops will put a restraining order on anyone that bitches long enough without looking at the facts.

I see you've never had a restraining order before.

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you can get a PPO for just about anything, even against people who've never met you.

i honestly don't think they're going to get on here and say "see! he is a stalker! it says so on FML!"

Hey i just wanna know, why the hell are you driving your stupid car when you live across the street, stupid shit

Idiot, he is saying he lived across the street of their house, not across the street of the school.

He lives across the street from the daughter. Please go back to playing whatever game 10 year old autistic kids play.

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DERN IT Person1233, don't offend autistic kids by comparing them to this retard! Christ on a cracker.

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Hey, I just wanna know why the hell are you reading the stupid FMLs when you can't even understand them. Stupid shit.

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#14 you made me crack up !!! seriously that guy is an idiot!!! LOL

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Hey I work with Autistic kids, let's not hate please

What has that got to do with anything

So I can get a restraining order on whoever I want for whatever reason and they won't even bother to investigate or hold a court? Awesome!

Yep, I'm thinking of picking up a dozen or so restraining orders this afternoon. Those pesky mall security guards are always ruining my fun.