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  BeastyMcbeast  |  19

Agreed. My father was a buisness owner and quite honestly appearance Is taken into account when hiring an individual. If someone is all tatted up, has many piercings, and/or has an unkept appearance, then an employer won't want to hire that person. I'm not saying those people don't deserve a job, I'm just saying that many employers prefer people who arent of that appearance. Maybe Op fits one of those descriptions. Maybe the guy who turned Op down is an asshat. Who knows. A follow up would be nice for this situation.

  Mauskau  |  35

OP could have walked into the shop in messy clothes or looked too casual and unkempt. If you dress well and hand out your CV you get a better chance.

OP, if you can't find a job, have a look at apprenticeships. You get a bit less money sometimes but you will get qualifications and experience.


@47, You can't. You can't really tell a person's gender that quickly either. They're all assumptions, it sucks when people think they can tell enough from appearance or through limited contact. Although this is only an assumption as well, upon reading it I immediately though it had something to do with OP's dress or if they have tattoos/piercings/body mods.

By  mete_orito  |  34

The important thing is that you are trying. Don't give up. Dress and groom yourself better because it is true that appearance matters when you are looking for a job. Good luck!

By  201chasew  |  22

If you have obscene piercings or tattoos, an employer may not want to hire you. They may deter customers if it was a retail job or one where customers see you.