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Today, while getting out of Starbucks there was a homeless guy. I bought him a coffee and he was so happy he gave me a hug. Guess whose wallet is missing? FML
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the_flirtt 0

hah I'm guessing the hobos ?

Shookitup 0

See that's why you can never be too sure about people :/ Don't worry though, good things will come your way ^.^

the_flirtt 0

why do we have to guess.. would have been a lot easier if you just told us..... sigh

Chrisskiies 0

ignore the hobos hanging out in front of starbucks. It isn't hard.

Trupe 3

Why would you hug a random hobo?

Congratulations OP, you're an all day sucker. That's the oldest trick in the hobo book.

Ali_Br_fml 33

ikr! I give hobos a 6-inch sandwich every time I go 2 subway by my job. A different 1 every time, and they never did that to me. Maybe the hobo was hungry...

i hate how ppl take advantage of you after you do something nice to them. ungrateful bitches...

Haha 38- what good does nice do you when a hobo just stole all your cookies? (metaphorically speaking)

zoolu6879 0

No good deed goes unpunished.

OP, don't you know that you never should hug a homeless?

TaylorTotsYumm 10

He want to hug me wooo he wants to love me wooo he'll snag your wallet wooo woo oo oo don't hug a ho-bo never hug a ho-bo won't hug cos that ho-bo steals thingys

hockeyplayer82 0

I'm going to guess the hobos wallet us gone?

AbsoluteTurtle 0

it could be worse, the hobo could have taken YOU and left the wallet.

why would be nice to a hobo? they are too lazy to get a job that's why they're homeless.

mshoes12346 3

good for u to bein nice to hobos but ydi for huggin him...

Ali_Br_fml 33

79 "Don't trust me" reference ftw!!! Rotflmbo!

kal... your world is very small. I almost feel bad for you.

BTW OP Sucks that your wallet got stolen.

You bitch! How could you steal a poor homeless man's wallet like that!?!?!

pwincessa23 1

last!!! did i win? Edit: damn so close. see you on page ten....

JamieLeeLV 0

Are you in Metallica Myliferocks24..? :P

exactly what I was going to say. should have done another nice thing... called the cops and had him arrested. free place to stay and at least a meal or two, even if it's jail.

BluPenguin 3

you jacked a homeless guy's wallet???

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Ariasmake_1 0

YDI for trying to be nice.. and hugging some dirty hobo

you just got owned by a homeless dude lmao XD

gummibloo 0

Thanx now I know not to hug homeless people outside of a Starbucks

wait, you stole a homeless guy's wallet??