By Anonymous - 14/05/2010 23:19 - Canada

Today, I tripped in front of my graduation class of 225 and all of their relatives while receiving my diploma. FML
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Have a nice trip, see you next fall.

FYLDeep 25

Yeah, and they hate it when people deviate from the standard walk. I remember hearing that some student had a hard time getting his diploma after flashing a peace sign. I wonder what they do when you fall over. Kick you out of the province?


that sucks now the whole world is laughing

wat did u trip on?

OP I saw you on AFV!!! Funny shit, you jumped right back up like nothing happened...then when someone asked you why you fell you said "I didn't fall, the ground attacked me"

and? ydi for drinking and walking

WingsFan80 4

shouldnt have smoked that weed before the ceremony lol

they were too busy useing their fake I'd for booze... the party is after you graduate op

OH NO! How will you ever survive?

Play it off, nobody will notice 

bettadenne1 0


Whatevs OP, like no one else has ever tripped in front of people before. Just laugh it off and move on with your life :)

when I first read this I thought it said stripped instead of tripped :)

Psh my grad class was like double that at least, but I didn't eat it in front of them. FYL with <3

225 is a really small graduating class. and nobody cares or remembers stupid things about high school in a few years anyways cuz high school is lame.

plus I had to sit in between the 2 people who got the most awards

ryguy997 0

10- this person tripped recently. the video on ATV was filmed in the 1990's. and besides, lots of people trip.

Did you fall? It doesn't say you fell....

HAHAH i'll be graduating and receiving my diploma in like a month and im SO scared im gonna trip lmao!

bosskidz20 2

you failed

So lemme get this straight, the prince gets his dick sucked by the dragon?

RKftw 0


class of 225? that's tiny! my senior class last year was like 947 or something like that.

in otherwords, it coulda been worse lol

congrats now you're on the klutz honor roll *round of applause*

#75...I know I was making a joke: (Not being mean =], the link is just another joke)

my class has 69 people so 225 seems big to me

Have a nice trip, see you next fall.

my guns are bigger.

Can I buy tickets to the gun show? Or is it sold out?

to be honest I have no idea what you just said. :D

You said you had bigger I asked if I could buy tickets to the gun show, as in to see your guns. It's from the Office. Nvm =( lol

WingsFan80 4

its not from the office. peopel been sayin it for years.

I like to see girls of that... caliber. By caliber, of course, I refer to both the size of their gun barrels and the high quality of their characters... Two meanings... caliber... it's a homonym... Forget it. - Dr Evil

WingsFan80 4

and 12 sorry but you fail

hahaha sorry muscle boy I'm just a bit slow. :) and tired. i feel buzzed.

lol Sam I think he means that he wants to see ur sryy if this is late comment...stupid anti flood

psh can't you tell in my pic? I'm so flexing. PAH!

Sir, this is the police Put the guns DOWN

Sorry Story. =/ lol and Sam, it's all good I think we are all feeling that way now.

wow your a retard........ she was talkin bout muscles!!!! duhhhh!!!!

*smack* This, my friends, is why you don't marry your cousin.

wanna go on a date? come on, what do I have to do? put a GUN to your head? buy you a SIX PACK?


That sucks... there is always that one person who does lol

monkeygirl92 0

I bet I will be the one who trips when I graduate next week. I am 70% sure I'm going to trip, I'm just soo clumsy.

texas_justice 0

...21, you should crawl on hands and knees just to be on the safe side.

monkeygirl92 0

It's ok, I'll take the risk. Besides it's not the end of the world if I do fall. I'll get right back up and laugh at myself the entire way back to my seat. Then post the video on my myspace. Lol

bettadenne1 0

ur cute

squirell_AIDS69 0

#4 looks shady as hell

monkeygirl92 0

42- thank you :)

FYLDeep 25

Yeah, and they hate it when people deviate from the standard walk. I remember hearing that some student had a hard time getting his diploma after flashing a peace sign. I wonder what they do when you fall over. Kick you out of the province?

I just graduated and if u fell at mine they wouldn"t say anything if you did a pose.Which was something they banned doing because it would make the school look bad. They also tazed you if you walked out before it was over.

monkeygirl92 0

I could see myself doing that. I'm so clumsy, an with my tiny feet. Ughh not a good combination.

225 thats it my class is in the 800's so at least u didnt trip infront of a corwd like that

kirbcheck76 3

dam 800 dam even for 225 my class was 41 and there were 0 girls in my class

FYLDeep 25

Mine was like 500 who graduated. There were a lot more that didn't graduate though. This was a high school. (Just throwing that out there, since a class of 800 isn't unusual for a college, and no one has specified either or so far.)

I graduated from high school last week with a class of 394 I think, and I thought that was small.

:) I win mines the smallest 

no u didn't i had 41:)

authorkid 2

mine is 83

kmarie22_613e 25

I went to private school. We had 12...

and that's why I wore chuck taylors instead of heels. heels and marble don't mix too well...

chrissstine 0

nah, it's fine... cuz uv done worst

mydesire 5

ha that always happens @ least u didn't fall off stage

Fake. Canadians don't go to school.

everyone will forget about it eventually

fuck you 28. Racist ass.

fuck you 28. Racist ass.