By Anonymous - 24/10/2015 03:06 - United States - Tyler

Today, a customer at my coffee shop bitched me out because we don't sell cranberry juice. FML
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Bladder infections make people grumpy

Well, why don't you? Kidding. Customer service jobs suck! Hang in there op!


Bladder infections make people grumpy

There are other reasons to drink cranberry juice. It's so perfectly tart and sweet when served cold with a lime.


Do you usually sell cranberry juice?

Well, why don't you? Kidding. Customer service jobs suck! Hang in there op!

Yeah i hate working jobs like that. People have attitudes for the stupidest reasons and you have to deal with it

I work at a coffee shop and got asked if we sold cigarettes once.

I think my favorite is when they make up false menu's from last year.

Well they do say it's good for UTIs, maybe your customer was dealing with some unpleasantness of their own.

Ever considered it? Cranberry juice is good

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Thus explains customer service jobs so accurately. . People are dicks

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Well customers always right. Till you can complain about them behind their back.

The customers aren't always right, they just always have to win.

Welcome to the world of customer service. Some people get it worse than that.

Ugh, that's terrible Dx Hope you don't have to put up with this shit in the future OP

I feel worse for your customer, OP; I once went to JC Penny's, and they didn't have /any/ cereal. WTF?