By Anonymous - 01/09/2011 10:14 - China

Today, I was in a restaurant with my fiancée for dinner. I commented that she had some food around her mouth. She responded with a lecture, then by throwing her hot bowl of noodles at me, before stomping out the restaurant. FML
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Maybe marrying someone who will throw bowls of food at you in a restaurant for anything less than a genuine verbal or physical assault is a bad idea. I mean, unless you want to be abused for the rest of your life, I mean, whatever you want.

She should have commented on how you had food all over you.


She should have commented on how you had food all over you.

enonymous 8

I can't wait until he tells her that she has some of the cake frosting on her face.

Maybe it was a piece of scorching Szechuan pork. Can't imagine what would cause a woman to stomp out an entire restaurant.

Next time, let her keep it on her mouth and she can bitch you out for not telling her! There's really no winning with chicks sometimes.

did this "comment" go something like, "hey fucker, wipe the shit off your mouth. you're embarrassing me...?" or something like that?

LiveLaughFML 10

if you're still going to marry her, i can picture you two thirty years from now. "hey, honey, you have a bit of chowder on your upper lip." she'll respond with how you gave her the wrost 30 years of her life and then pour the hot chowder on you. D:

I'm with fanceh on this one. suspicious about the word "comment"

SirObvious 1

Oh btw she's pregnant

Jennyboo5797 4

In 6th grade my teacher was pregnant, I never paid attention in her class, that bitch threw carrots and wheat thins at me for half the year >:o

Pixxio_O 11

"you have something on your upper lip, oh never mind, it's just your moustache honey"

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Shouldn't she get arrested for that???

81- don't complain, free food right there! And op, you're marrying a crazy lady. And not the good kind either

It's that time of a month again; bitch personalities appear left and right. FYL OP.

17: Not necessarily. I mean, if that was me, I'd be laughing about it, I wouldn't go all pissy and crack the shits. And I'm sure there's plenty of women who would do the same thing. :)

Anger management?

don't judge too soon, we don't know how he said it. "bitch, there's food around your mouth. don't eat like a child" would have had me running out of the restaurant too.

And we never will know. So we assume whatever we want.

agoth 0

I think it's funny that you say don't assume but then don't take it at face value.

It sounds like it's that time of the month.

It's like that game where you have to choose whether you want your girlfriend to be sane, smart, and beautiful. But you can only choose two. We all know what you obviously chose...

transcedental 18

It's must've been one heck of a comment, eh

Well if you guys are engaged and it's probably not the first time it has happened... Deal with it or break it off ...

Bitch you got some shit around your mouth clean it off or I'll beat you again

Then again, if she was this livid over something as stupid as food being around her mouth (And I might add, props to OP for being nice enough to spare her the embarrassment and/or blackmail) you never know how she'd react if he broke off the engagement.....

penelopecruise 2

Don't walk, RUN! Do not marry this crazy bitch

Maybe marrying someone who will throw bowls of food at you in a restaurant for anything less than a genuine verbal or physical assault is a bad idea. I mean, unless you want to be abused for the rest of your life, I mean, whatever you want.

aeshleyrose 6

My literal exact thought. It always shocks me to hear what people think is acceptable behavior. That's gonna be a great marriage, let me tell you. And we haven't even thought about their extremely lucky future kids! Doormats + psychos = fucked up kids.

this marriage is gonna be awesome, lots of good FMLs to come!

abasio 1

Exactly! And if you're marrying her for her looks, remember they will change quicker than her personality will.

perdix 29

This is going to be a great marriage! I'm such an idiot!!! I should have become a divorce lawyer -- I could have been rolling around in money and pussy all day!

hahahahaha this comment is epic win x3

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Wow... Really

That is a GREAT idea. I might just know what I want to be when I grow up now.

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DogmaT_fml 4

she preggers

Or just her period. She'll be back in 4-5 days, and hungry for more Chinese food.

ManicGypsy 22

I agree, she's got a bun in the oven.

Not to be mean or anything but what the fuck does "a bun in the oven mean"?

It means she's pregnant

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That made no sense

EnEl_Infierno 15

Ydi, You should of kissed it off her Op. I know it sounds gross but it would of saved her the embarrassment and you would of gained points for being romantic.

guitgod1 11

gross...honey let me eat that noodle off of your face? blegh

Embarressement? Since when is having some food around your mouth during dinner something to be ashamed of? Romantic? Since when is it romantic to lick the food from your partners mouth away (face it, the food will not disappear by a kiss)? They weren't in their bedroom, but in a probably full restaurant.

EnEl_Infierno 15

#44 Not embarrassing cause she had food around her mouth but because op called her on it that's probably why she got so upset, and I'm betting it wasn't a huge noddle or something when have you ever seen someone with other than crumpet around their mouth, he either shouldn't have said anything gently wiped it for her or taken my original advice if he's going to get married he needs to learn when he should learn what he should say and when to take advantage of a potential romantic or good points situation. which can be the difference between a face full if noddles or evening delight. But what do I know I'm single.

Can you say B*I*T*C*H ????? totally uncalled for ... you may want to rethink marrying her ?? hey just sayin..

overthelimit 3

she sounds a little insecure o.O

olpally 32

A little?? She just acted like a 10 year old... Very immature is more like it.... Just sayin..