By Jebus - United States
Today, I walked to Starbucks. On the way a homeless guy asked me for change and I lied and said I had no money. On my way back, Strawberry Frappuccino in hand, the same guy recognized me. He followed me for 3 blocks, swearing and yelling at me. FML
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By  PureGold  |  0

Perhaps it's good you didn't give it to him, he probably wanted to buy beer or drugs or something. He sounds like a creep x(. Maybe a quarter or two would have been nice though.

By  ArtsySwag  |  0

I lie to them sometimes, but usually I don't have cash on me. Even if I did have the cash, I probably wouldn't give him any money... But how does he know you didn't charge it to a card or something?

By  MsTs1  |  0

Just say " I have no change", don't look at him, just look forward and keep walking. It works for me everytime. Or just completely ignore his existence.

By  Hazygoose  |  2

whether it's a homeless person asking for change or a business person complaining at an airport, when people act like the world/other people owe them something it's damn annoying.

sucks, FYL