By whyymee - 05/03/2010 07:50 - United States

Today, I helped a "blind" man across the street. He kindly said thank you and patted me on the back. Then, I went into a store and realized my wallet was missing. FML
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No good deed goes unpunished

back as in butt? do girls keep their wallets in their back pocket like guys


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No good deed goes unpunished

rofl true dat. why didn't u just pretend to be blind and do that to someone else?

agrees with. 1 and he most likely fake being blind.. he is a scam artist.

Similar situation happened to me but I only had a money clip with like $45 in it and the wallet I stole off him had $400.00 and cards in it;)

This is why you let blind people get hit by cars.

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um you deserve it. what would a blind guy be doing crossing a street without some way to get across on his own? dumbass

I don't think he faked it. I think he robbed you blind.

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that's why I do this test where I place my foot in front of people that claim to be blind to see whether or not they trip... or take off their glasses and look at their eyes

Instead of tripping them you could pretend to punch them and see if they flinch....

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This is why I don't help homeless, blind, or retarded people. I say f••• em

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no shit blondie. thanks for pointing out the obvious.

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reye needs to worry about himself. i don't care if you think that Id i dont care for strangers makes me an asshole. boo hoo

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Turn around and kick his ass.

omg 19 no way! I think his wallet had actually grown legs and walked off if you ask me, but excuse me for being so obvious, unlike 19 up there

well, if it's true, then fyl. but have you ever considered that, maybe, you didn't bring your wallet, or lost it before you helped the person? No need to jump to conclusions, OP.

how does your wallet just fall out of your pocket? obviously he brang it with him, why would he post here about it if he hadn't found it yet, I'm pretty sure that guy robbed him

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Thats actually a common thieving trick now adays

back as in butt? do girls keep their wallets in their back pocket like guys

Because it says 'woman' next to her name, lol.

hah, I guess that would give it away. however it doesn't, perhaps because I'm on th iPhone app.

It DOES say it on the app. Look in the top right corner.

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I am also on an iPhone. It should have a female symbol to the right. The only thing is I'm unable to get profile information on who's leaving the comments.

No, that pat on the back was a distraction, while he swiped it out of her purse.

He could've nipped it from her purse and the pat on the back was just to focus her attention on that contact and not on the jostle (if any) to her purse. P.S. I hate anti-flood protection and this should've posted as a response to #2.

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that sucks, who would vote YDI on this?

You obviously don't know much about the FML community.

dang must sucked next be wary of old man...

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you know in my country there are people by the traffic lights who are supposedly blind. Point a (fake) gun to their head just to see if they really are blind =P hahahaha!!!

Don't blind people usually have a seeing eye dog (or whatever it's called, I'm not a native english speaker)? It sucks, but op also kinda deserves it. Most blind people are very well adjusted and very capable of crossing the street.

The hell? Just because they are perfectly capable of crossing the street it doesn't mean that a bit of help isn't appreciated..especially in this case. Either way, OP comes nowhere close to deserving this. That's like saying if you helped someone with the dishes and you cut yourself, you most definately deserved it because the other person is perfectly capable of doing the dishes. The next time something shitty happens to you when you're helping someone, I'll be there to laugh and say YDI.