By littmild - 02/03/2010 13:42 - Norway

Today, after celebrating my birthday yesterday, getting really drunk, I woke up naked in the bathroom at my girlfriend's house. Why did I wake up? Her father walked in. FML
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littmild tells us more.

The party wasn't at my girlfriends house, no.. Can't imagine why people think he would be pissed, it's just incredibly funny, and something we could laugh about for years. This is actually my first time posting anything here, the first time I've ever read comments, and I have to say I'm quite shocked how many people who misundertands this website. Like people who thinks you post things like this to get sympathy, or this ongoing debate on my alcohol consumption. I can't actually believe that there is people in this world who doesn't have more important things to do. Why isn't FML filled with "Today, I didn't have anything else to do than post negative comments on FML. FML." I feel a burden has been lifted off my shoulders, people! I felt a bit stupid for what I've done, but now I know I have a long way to go to beat some of you. And yes, I look good naked. Unfortunatly I was wearing socks that made me look rather fat.

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bahaha. Well I was just thinking that if he's a cool guy, it'd be something to laugh at. I know a dad that's like that. He tells people about his wild days and laughs about other peoples wild days. Just remember, despite all the negativity on this site, you feel better now that you told someone. AND it was your BIRTHDAY! you do what you want on your birthday!

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three... nvm

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MetroidSlayer01 8

^^^still a dumbass

c-c-c-c-c-c-combo breaker

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metroid slayer you need to call the number on my username

Metroid Slayer is cooler than a username you try to use against others

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resquall you too need to call the number

Do it wit ur girlfriends father COMON.

I would almost rather be the OP than 1-800-RETARD over there.

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1-800-RETARD is too few of digits and 1-800-getalife is too Many digits

way to party op

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how about 1-800-FYOU

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I get last word this for a you haterz call the number on my username

MetroidSlayer01 8

^^^will always be a dumbass

if you enter more than 10 digits (or 11 in this case) it just calls the first 10 digits. ex: 1-800-436-87905645 would just call 1-800-436-8790

False. The phone would assume that you were trying to call another country or an extension on the line. When calling some other countries, you can end up dialing as many as 16 numbers.

Did he just walk in? Or did he walk in and cup your balls?

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I'll say it... threesome! If he didn't angrily throw you out of the house, then you're in good shape! Also, atleast he didn't walk in on you naked in his daughters room!

wow 0 FYL 30 YDI... hope this tells you something OP

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and I hope it tells you something.... your always on this site 24/7 when every new one gets posted you come and comment and think it's so cool. newsflash, it's not!

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Be nice. :(

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i Hatě snicker doodles shes úgly everyttime i Reader's the comments i have to stare ať what looks like harvey 2 face

well, it could have been worse :P

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There could have been a tiger in there with him.

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the hangover reference? =p

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Obviously your fault, and you deserve it. Get so drunk that you wake up naked the next day doesn't sound like much fun. I'm all for drinking, but not so much that I do stupid things.

Everyone on here sounds like a bunch of lame-oh, boring effers. Props for getting that drunk. And now you have an awesome story to pass down to your kids when they're old enough. fyl for the time being tho hahaha

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He did deserve it for getting drunk...i've never even had a drink so no im not a hypocrite...and I CAN say that he did deserve it...this is what stupidness and getting drunk gets you into. O.P.>> Now you know better for next time. Better butter up her dad. I feel for the Dad having to walk in on a naked drunk boy in his own bathroom and finding out your daughter either has bad taste in guys, is doing bad stuff herself, or is being naive and dating this guy.

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Calm down people! getting blacked out faded is part of life for a lot people. Usually you should try to refrain from doing it in the presence of parents, but oh well they've probably done worse since they grew up in the 70's and 80's. At least the OP didn't wake up in a hotel room naked with a giant black dildo up his ass, with some midget hookers in his bed and and a dead donkey in the bathroom!! Now that would be FYL!

maybe it was dumb, okay it was. But what if the whole thing was accidental? Like if it was his first time drinking and he didn't know how far he could go. You almost always have to test how drunk you have to be to get that way so you know not to do it again. If that's the case, then now he knows to stop drinking before he gets naked! :]

plunk hgl jam nl h

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haha awkward.....

lol n what did he say, or DO?

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must have been awesome party, isn't it?))) u should be lucky he never stepped on u, at least i hope he didn't)))))))))

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and I wasn't invited to this costume party of yours?! good thing... I wouldve worn the same suit ;p

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nice phyco mirk ;)

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Cool, I want to party with you now. Op: I'm guessing the real FML part is what happened next, the father looked down at you, told you to turn around and spread them cheeks.