By alliobamy - 28/09/2009 04:09 - United States

Today, I found an old friend of mine on Facebook. After adding her, I suggested friends for her. She ended up adding every single one I added, but not me. I later saw her ask one of those friends who the hell I was and how I knew all of them. We used to eat lunch together everyday. FML
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Maybe the OP used to be a man and is unrecognisable after the surgery?


Burrrrrrrn !


JENKINS!!!!! Oh fuck, he just went in! STICK TO THE PLAN!! God damn it Leroy.

Second And: Ouch.

thats because you're forgettable just like this FML.

This is why I only add people I currently talk to.

Exactly. Why would you want someone you never talk to to see your status updates anyways?

That's because EVERYONE talks to 500 people bi-weekly. That rules out a major in politics for you.

amy, are you dtf??

Perhaps OP was trying to reconnect with the old friend.

More of a MLIA.

Agreed. You life is hardly 'fucked'.

Maybe the OP used to be a man and is unrecognisable after the surgery?

There's so many fmls like this that there's not really any meaning to them

Are there are meanings to any of the FMLs? The internet is basically a re-vomiting machine anyway. Get off if you want originality. Who cares if she doesn't remember you? Grow up, slap her irl, and deal with things more important than facebook. You probably changed your looks or had an unrecognizable profile picture anyway.

L2 leave an impression.