By Anonymous - 13/11/2010 05:21 - Canada

Today, while eating dinner with my family, I found out my boyfriend recorded me screaming while having sex with him on my phone, and set it as my ring tone on high volume. FML
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haha, dad must of loved to hear that.

Gotta love technology this day and age!


haha, dad must of loved to hear that.

That's hot. ;)

Well, that's always cute..

I know right! ha

soooo.. screamer eh?

KingDingALing 9

11- It's more then just "cute"'s kinky. ;)

Lol that must have been akward.

He "must have" liked that, indeed!

bigphill1333 0

That guy.. Earned his man card!

deafeningsilence 8

What's with Canadians and recording when they're having sex? This is the second one in a row.

wow, you're right. hahaha

pureecstasy 5

today I was reading this FML and realized I've read this like 5 months ago

piepieburger 0

same, I've seen this before too.

bieberfreak18 0

Oh so now apperently all canadians are like that ?!

roxyq 0

ydi 4 having sex

virgin. that's what u get

maybe they cant help fucking like bunnies? zing!

ha you took my pic!!!!

xLil_Mx 0

Agreed. 

Gotta love technology this day and age!

it isn't a real dog

how isn't it a real dog?

Perhaps he meant "not a proper dog", as in one capable of tearing things apart like mine?

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haha lol

DudeImBetter 0

Dam you must have had a huge phone.

or extremely good balance....


hahaha, well where did your boyfriend think it was going to go off? he knew it would go off at some point, lol

I feel like there are a lot of FMLs that follow this pattern of someone setting someone's ringtone to sex noises.

same thought i had lol

yea I read a similar one before..

Tikwichka 5

Kids are less creative these days.

ShadyFTW1 0

It's a timeless classic.

not really it gets kinda old after the 5th one

I see the main FML is that sex with you is so boring that your BF records as he fucks you.

funzcpl 0

lol. good point.

sourgirl101 28

Or it's so great, that you want to capture the memeory of it. I hope he didn't record you with no knowledge on your part.

wow they herd everything? goats? cows? sheep? reindeer? elephants? midgets? gingers? ect

kaijapapaya 0

Or it's so weird he felt he had to share.