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I totally can picture that in my mind. XD

I always check the back seat when I get in.


why? or was that just a random yo mama" joke?

I totally can picture that in my mind. XD

I'm still picturing a handjob.

your profile pic is seriously fucked. no offense or anything.

I have a ringtone of a screaming women on my phone. Mostly, it's extremely awkward when it goes off when I'm around a bunch of old geezers with no sense of humor. On otters, it's freaking hilarious!

why would someone get murdered in your backseat when there isn't anyone in your backseat? you are both dumb and drive like a retarded asian

your an idiot OP how could you think someone was being killed in your backseat if there's only you in the car.

I would've panicked, looked around my car and outside, get a heart attack thinking it's a ghost and crash..

who the hell hears a scream and their immediate thought is "theres someone being murdered in my car"...?

someone was being murdered in the back seat of your car, with a strange quality to their scream, screaming at the volume of a cell phone ringtone, using the same sound over and over again... either this is fake or you've never heard someone scream before...

meeee tooooo lol !!!

I always check the back seat when I get in.

Yet another benefit to driving a truck.

lol #12 nice comment and picture

I'm sorry, but that's kinda funny.

no it's hilarious

Personally, I don't think it's funny. I'm all for hilarious pranks and such, but this one went too far and she should've stopped him before he went Driving without knowing of it. His girlfriend is an absolute idiot for not realizing how he could've gotten killed or even killed someone else had he swerved into something other than a parked car, or had he even been on the freeway. Seriously people. And thankfully that didn't happen but still he now has to pay to get the cars fixed and was most likely late for work. Is a stupid prank worth all that?

Way to take it to seriously 51. I'm sure the girlfriend didn't plan on that accident happening. And no one did get hurt, so let's not live in the past.

I could see it startling him, but if he has so little control over his car that he swerves into inanimate objects when a sound scares him, he shouldn't be on the road. the joke was funny; don't blame the girlfriend for the op being an idiot.

I understand what you mean but I don't think she knew it was going to ring during the car ride. Unless she was the one who called but it was never specified in the FML. Though I do it agree it WAS dangerous.

@51 most people dont think that upon hearing foreign sounds an individual will lose control of a vehicle. it was in no way dangerous.

it isn't a "foreign sound" it's a person screaming - that would startle anyone.

did i say it wouldnt startle someone? no? i said they wouldnt LOSE CONTROL OF THEIR VEHICLE. learn the difference. by the way, foreign: Coming or introduced from outside - the quotation is a foreign element imported into the work when something doesnt usually happen in the car, its considered foreign. not a hard concept to grasp.

I love to piss you off

is that a weak attempt at avoiding making yourself look like a complete moron? oh i was just trying to piss you off har har. im sorry, try again later, nobodys buying it.

well that sucks I would put your phone by her while she's sleeping and call it and scare the living daylights out of wait I would do that anyway because it would be funny

I have done this prank before and it always works. particularly after watching scary movies

I have done this prank before and it always works. particularly after watching scary movies

Bahahahaha your girlfriend is a legend!!!

You were forgetting rule #31.

What's rule # 31? O_o

Rule 31, is to never ask about rule 32.

check the back seat

I think the double tap rule is more important.

the absolute most important rule is number 1.dont talk about fight club.

I have done this prank before and it always works.particularly after watching scary movies